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Eight Tips To Finding The Best Modern Office Furniture

Whether you commute to your company or operate your business from your home, you need the best office furniture that’s going to meet your needs. It goes without saying that your new furniture should be modern so it has the features you need to function efficiently throughout your day. As you’re researching and checking out the furniture that’s out there, make sure you call us at Cubiture so our office furniture experts can lend their guidance to you.

Assess Your Office Space

Look around the space you’ve chosen. Look at its size and any built-in storage features, such as closets or niches. What about windows and light? This will affect what you buy, because you’re going to place your furniture where you can take advantage of the natural light streaming into your office. Measure the space you have, so you know what your office (or cubicle) will accommodate.

Know How You Plan to Use Your Furniture

Will you use your desk for storage or do you plan to store paperwork and documents “in the cloud?” If you plan to store paperwork electronically, you’ll have no need for the additional storage space or file drawers in that desk you’ve been eyeing. But, if you plan to incorporate several functions into your office, then add that desk to your “to-buy” list.

Test-Drive Office Chairs – Seriously

You’ve heard about ergonomics. It’s much more than a buzzword – if you don’t pay attention to the features that make sitting in an ergonomic office chair, you’re soon going to regret your purchase. Some of these features include sufficient seat padding, extra padding for your lower back, adjustable height and arm rests, and good lumbar support. Think about it: You spend several hours a day, sitting in your office. You don’t want to go home at the end of the day, feeling stiff from back pain.

Create a List of Furniture Features

Make a list of your basic office furniture needs, including storage, phone, fax, printer and computer. Make a list of the features of each piece of office furniture you look at.

Do you need additional furnishings for your job duties? If you are an architect or graphic designer, you will need a drawing desk, for instance.

Don’t Forget About Storage

While a well-designed office chair and desk are two of the most important items you’ll buy, don’t forget about storage. As much as you work to reduce hard copies, you will have some you’ll need to store securely. Make sure your office will accommodate a file cabinet. It doesn’t have to be big – a two-drawer cabinet may be sufficient for your needs. If your office won’t hold a credenza, a small bookshelf may store professional books and binders.

Know Your Style

What kind of furniture do you gravitate to? Classic, wood furniture or something a bit more contemporary? Remember that, if you work in a traditional field, such as accounting or the law, you’ll probably have to choose traditional furniture. If you just have to have something contemporary, why not choose furniture that blends both tradition and contemporary?

Again, give one of our furniture experts a call when you have an idea of what you want. Browse our office chairs and take a look at our selection.

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