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Refurbished Office Furniture

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Quality Refurbished Office Furniture

Your company needs new furniture, but you don’t have the budget for brand-new office furniture. No worries! You still have options available to you. Look into buying refurbished office furniture. This is furniture that has been slightly repaired, with new chair padding, leather or fabric replacing the old padding and covering, for instance. If you need new desks or filing cabinets, refurbished models have been closely inspected and fixed up.

Why Refurbished Office Furniture Costs Less

Brand-new office furniture has never been used before, which means it has not gone through the depreciation process. It shows no signs of damage or defects, which makes it more valuable than used furniture.

If you closely inspect refurbished office furniture, you’ll notice that it looks just like its new counterpart. You won’t see any scratches or torn seat leather; wheels on chairs work; desk and filing cabinet drawers slide open and shut easily. In short, it looks and functions just like brand-new furniture, but at a fraction of the cost. Expect to spend between 30 and 50 percent less for refurbished office furniture, as you consider your options.

Refurbished Furniture is Just as Valuable as New Furniture

While it has been used – probably heavily – refurbished office furniture still holds a high value to you, if you decide to buy new, but used (refurbished) office furniture. Once it has been inspected and all necessary repairs and upgrades made, you’ll be able to use it for several years before needing to think about buying new furniture for your office and employees.

Before you decide to hold off on buying any kind of office furniture, contact us at Cubiture so we can explain just how you and your business will benefit.

How Buying Used, Refurbished Office Furniture Helps Your Budget

Remember that 30 to 50 percent savings mentioned above? In good times, you’ll be able to use that saved money for other business needs. When economic times are hard, using this option allows you to keep your business operating as you replace the old, worn-out furniture in your office.

You’ll be able to replace higher numbers of office furniture by opting for refurbished; even if you have sufficient funds in your business account for new, the draw of refurbished may prove to be too tempting for you to buy new – especially if you have several of the same items to replace.

Look to Cubiture for Help

Here at Cubiture, our office furniture experts will be able to show you just how your company will benefit from buying refurbished pieces. While you may not get every piece in the same model number or color, this may not matter. You’ll need to buy your refurbished furniture as it comes available.

Call or visit us here in our showroom and ask to look at our stock of refurbished office furniture. We believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the high quality and the look of what you’re seeing. When you determine just what you need, we’ll be able to help you out. Browse our office furniture and choose refurbished options.

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