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Office Furniture On Sale

Just as you have a car-buying season, you have an office furniture-buying season. For several reasons, buying furniture for your business in the winter months is a bad idea. It’s better to time this for mid-summer or even in the early fall months. Before you head to the furniture stores to look for desks, chairs and filing cabinets, make sure the funds have been budgeted and start looking for office furniture sales. Furniture stores and office furniture outlets know that furniture shopping goes up and down in cycles, so start looking for what you need.

Start Looking Now

If you budgeted money for new or used office furniture, you have just enough time to start looking at what’s available on the showroom floors and online. You don’t want to try to buy (and have shipped) office furniture in the dead of winter. Snow and ice are on the ground, making it dangerous for delivery crews to unload your order and get it into your business.

Stores need to clear out as much of their present inventory, because they are anticipating new furniture deliveries in August. Much as car dealers are anticipating the next year’s models, furniture stores operate on the same model.

Furniture Sales Dip in Summer Months

Take advantage of the seasonal summer slump in office furniture sales. Furniture stores anticipate this slump and schedule promotions and discounts for you and others who are looking.

Because furniture outlets will be taking delivery of the upcoming year’s models, they want to get rid of as much of their current inventory as they can. Take advantage of every sale and promotional discount that you can.

You’re Buying Before the Holiday Rush

Between October and December, you and almost every other person in the country are busy going to stores, taking advantage of Black Friday and other holiday promotions and. . . getting sick of shopping.

When you add furniture shopping to all of this, it’s no fun. In fact, it may feel like too much, especially when you’re trekking from store to store, or browsing online, viewing what each internet furniture outlet has available.

“But I generally wait to spend discretionary funds until the end of the year.” Change this habit. You won’t be battling big crowds or traffic jams. If your area gets lots of snow, it’s physically dangerous for delivery crews to be unloading bulky, heavy furniture. For those reasons alone, you should change your shopping habits.

Plan to Buy in the Fall

If you weren’t able to buy new (or used) office furniture in the summer months, you’ll have one more opportunity before winter snows hit. Think “back-to-school” savings. Literally!

Furniture stores look forward to the fall months because they are trying to draw in the parents of high school and college students, who need desks and desk chairs. Take advantage of the deals and specials you’ll find in office furniture, desks and office chairs. Best of all: You’re going to be seeing the new merchandise that has just rolled out of furniture manufacturers’ warehouses. This is furniture that’s going to be sold throughout the upcoming year – and you get the first of it. Check with us here at Cubiture. You’ll find some fantastic summer and fall deals. Browse our office furniture and buy when the store isn’t full of customers.


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