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Used Office Furniture Sales

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Used Office Furniture Sales

After visiting several physical and internet-based stores, you’re convinced of one thing: office furniture is just plain overpriced. With all the prices you’ve been seeing, you’re seriously considering hanging onto your old furniture, even though it’s in terrible shape. Before you make that decision, think about used office furniture and the sources where you can find some excellent deals on sturdy, good-looking furniture that won’t bankrupt your company.

Find Sellers You Trust

Even though you’re new at finding used furniture that still has several years of use left in it, you don’t have to make decisions that you’ll regret in the coming months. Use your business connections and ask them if they can give you leads to furniture sellers they trust. It’s up to you whether you tell them you’re looking for used, refurbished or re-manufactured office furniture or not. Your goal is just to find used furniture, period.

As you speak to different used furniture sellers, you’ll encounter several terms: recycled, used, refurbished and re-manufactured office furniture. When office furniture is recycled, it is either refurbished or re-manufactured. If you purchase used, recycled furniture, make sure you ask about a reliable warranty.

Look for Simpler Furnishings

Used office furniture doesn’t have to be ornate. In fact, furniture with simple, clean lines is easier to keep clean and looking attractive. Choose the simpler furnishings you need, save money, and furnish your offices or cubicles without putting a huge dent into your company bank account. Turn the money you just saved right back into your business so you can use it on something else.

Liquidation Sales

Here, you may be able to find furniture that may not even look used – larger businesses get rid of their office furnishings to upgrade to newer furnishings, or they may decide that the furniture they currently have doesn’t match a new color or branding scheme.

The furniture these companies get rid of winds up with an office furniture liquidator, who sells it to other businesses looking for used furniture. Your company will come out ahead because you’ll only spend a small fraction of what new furniture would cost.

Bankruptcy Auctions

Businesses go into bankruptcy all the time. If they go out of business, they need to get rid of the office furniture. Auction consultants pick up the furniture, which can include chairs, computers, computer stands, filing cabinets, desks and storage systems and sell them for less than the amount a secondhand office furniture dealer would ask for them.

Office Outlets

Look for secondhand office furniture outlets in your community. Call us here at Cubiture and we’ll be able to show you lower-priced used furniture that may fit your company’s needs.

We stock a small supply of office chairs, desks, conference room furniture, workstations and cubicles that have been used and either refurbished or re-manufactured. When you look at what we have in stock, you’ll be able to begin making decisions about what you may want to buy. Browse our office furniture when you need used office furniture.

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