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Here are three very good reasons to consult with an office layout design specialist at NO COST and with NO OBLIGATION to purchase:

1. A professional will know how to spot unused office space.
Professional designers think in three dimensions. They don’t just look at the square footage of your office floor space. They also look at the unused portions of your vertical cube and look for ways to make this space profitable as well. (After all….you’re paying for the whole room…not just the floor.)

Did you know that office wall space can be converted into a build-in desking system? Did you know that filing, storage, and accessories can be built into cubicle frames or cubicle panels so you do not have as many components on the floor? Did you know that a wall in your conference room can support a media cabinet with full audio/visual functionality that connects your conference room to the entire world?

When a Cubiture expert develops an office layout design drawing, he or she will always look for ways to make vertical space into viable production space. This leaves more legroom for employees and more aisles space for persons moving between different departments.

2. Functional features are less likely to be overlooked when you take the time to obtain an office layout design drawing.
An office layout design drawing is based upon an itemization of each individual task that a particular employee has to complete to contribute to an organization’s profitability. Many of these tasks are so routine that people do not consciously think of them until a professional designer sits down with them and develops a comprehensive list of all the many things that must be done at that particular workstation.

It is easier to build individual features according to task completion than it is to force task completion into system features. Why make an employee leave his or her desk to get supplies when we can place those within easy reach with any number of cubicle accessories? Why have a person move their chair to use their laptop when we build a laptop tray right next to where he or she sits?

3. Style is a function of relationships as much as it is a function of individual aesthetics.
An office layout design drawing better accommodates style from the perspective of brand positioning. When you aim for an overall aesthetic for your business, it is easier to select the most attractive reception desks, conference tables, cubicles, various casegoods, and office storage systems. If you need Cubiture to custom build you something, the office layout design drawing will serve as a specification guideline for our millwork and furniture system assembly teams to follow.