Office Space Planning

Office Space Planning

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Key Elements of Office Space Planning

We talk a great deal on our site about office space planning. What sets Cubiture apart are not the cost-free nature of complimentary site planning, but rather the amount of time and the level of attention that we devote to customizing your office furniture and office cubicle design. This is because office space planning is the key to everything when buying new office furniture systems. It allows you to maximize your use of space, and it empowers you to get the most from your investment by visually representing the best options for your business. Purchasing is never haphazard, and return on investment is far more likely, when you plan your office furniture layout before your buy your office furniture systems.

Cubiture will help you do this for free. All you have to do is be interested in looking at new furniture, and we will develop a complimentar office design layout drawing with no obligation on your part to buy.

1. Analysis of Floor Plan
Cubiture office space planning specialists look at your existing floor plan to determine exactly how many useable square feet are available in your office suite. They also itemize windows as sources of natural light, artificial lighting fixtures already in place, and connections for power and data. Furniture systems are built to take full advantage of these elements so you can fully profit from your investment in new work space.

2. Analysis of Business Model
We also take the time to understand just how your business operates. If you are a services company, you probably rely upon communications to schedule work orders. If you are a fabrication facility, you rely upon shipping and receiving to maintain your production schedule. If you are a distributor, you need a strong order processing department that can track shipments.

Did your last office furniture company consider these things before selling you desks, bookcases, and cubicle systems?

Cubiture will.

Our office space planning team will develop workstations that are customized to the task requirements of communications, information technology, design work, data entry, and efficient organizational storage.

3. Assessment of Personal Preferences
Employees are also interviewed to determine what types of seats, desk designs, and task lighting they feel most comfortable working in. Cubiture knows that if we make your employees comfortable that they will perform better in the jobs you have hired them to do. Comfort is never dismissed as a needed luxury. It is respected as the foundational element of ergonomic office space planning that keeps employees focused and productive from the beginning to the end of the work day.

4. Integration of Aesthetics and Function
Because Cubiture owns its own fabrication facility, we can make any cubicle or desk system look however you like. We have a full spectrum of veneer types, and we have over 500 different types of laminates and fabrics. Once your office space planning expert identifies the functional elements you need in your workstations, you can have us build those system with any traditional, transitional, modern or contemporary aesthetic you prefer.

Cubiture does it all, from office space planning, to full turnkey office installations. We are A++ Better Business Bureau Rated, with a reputation for taking care of customers from start to finish.