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Small Office Space Design Houston. Ideas for Small Spaces

While working within the constraints of a tiny office space can initially seem restrictive, there’s no reason to limit your expectations. Read on to learn some creative techniques for making the best use of a small office.

Trim Down
Reducing your employees’ reliance on paper is not only more efficient and environmentally kind, but it’s also a significant space-saver. Today’s digital and cloud storage options offer new ways to create, share and store files without generating excess paper or the need for bulky filing systems.

Of course, a completely paper-free office may not be possible. In this case, take advantage of creative filing solutions, such as cubicles with built-in filing systems and other store features.

Stand Up!
The newest trend in innovative offices? Stand-up meetings. (Although the concept isn’t exactly new; the tradition actually dates back to World War I!)

It’s not exactly surprising that these meetings are shorter, but they can also be more productive. While long, structured meetings held around a conference table can block innovation, the sense of urgency that comes with stand-up meetings often produces unexpected results.

Take Stock
The fact is that equipment you used 20, 15 or even five years ago may now be out-of-date. Consider whether you really need that color printer or fax machine. This equipment is unwieldy and takes up space. Unless you use them every day, outsourcing these tasks may make more logistical sense. This also spares your business certain upfront costs, such as upgrading and repair costs.

Scale Down
Gone are the days of the oversized executive desk. While large desks may have conveyed power player status in the days of Don Draper, they convey waste in the contemporary office — particularly one in which space is at a premium.

These days, bigger definitely doesn’t mean better: smaller work stations and cubicles come stocked with plenty of features — such as built-in lighting and whiteboards — designed to increase functionality and enhance productivity.

Light It Up
Speaking of lighting, floor lamps utilize unnecessary space while adding to the visual clutter in a tight office. Overhead down lighting offers a brilliant space-saving alternative. Track and recessed LED lighting both shine light exactly where it’s needed without casting shadows.

While cubicles equipped with built-in lighting are the gold standard of small office design sense, LED desk lamps may suffice when it comes to task lighting.

Go Vertical
Floor space may be finite, but your office likely still has plenty of remaining square footage. How? Think vertical. Shelving, file pockets, and wall hooks offer a creative solution when you run out of floor space.

If your office is in a rental space which forbids drilling into the wall, cubicles with shelving and storage become an even smarter administrative decision.

Do Double-Duty
A file cabinet can do more than just store files; it can also be used as a shelf or other storage piece. For example, everything from printers to air-purifying plants can find a home atop a credenza or file cabinet.

Smaller offices also benefit from outside-the-box thinking in terms of design. Are there any non-productive areas in your current workplace, such as a hallway or vacant conference room? If so, re purpose these into meaningful space.

These simple steps can help maximize space and enhance productivity. The result? A small space with massive potential.

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