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Rotary File

Rotary files are a popular filing system featuring a rotating machine that doubles file capabilities by utilizing both sides of lateral or vertical filing systems. This is a preferred organization storage solution for businesses that require the organization of a variety of items. Paperwork, handbooks, and training videos all organize beautifully within these types of units. Cubiture also offers smaller units that are perfect for storing personal items, surplus office supplies, or access keys.

Within modern offices, rotary files are not quite yet common stance; however, these filing systems are turning things around in ways never thought possible. Rotary files are attractive double-sided filing cabinets that have the capability to maximizes valuable floor space. These space savers have proven to carry up to 400% more files in the same amount of square footage as old-fashioned drawer filing methods. These systems easily incorporate top tab filing and side tab filing. Additionally, you can custom design the interiors with the help of our on site design, carpentry, and millwright teams.

The systems that house the rotary files are quite spectacular. At first glance, they appear to be an ordinary piece of furniture with one side of the revolving cabinet positioned towards a wall while the other side is accessible, as with any other piece of cabinetry. However, once you attempt to access stored files and materials you will see why this concept is so unique. With a slight rotation of the interior filing cabinet by 180 degrees, you have just gained access to what would be the backside of traditional file systems.

Once you no longer require access to the materials, simply turn the interior of the cabinet a quarter turn in whichever direction to secure the cabinet into the locked position. When sealed, the rotary cabinet boasts a very elegant and clean looking appearance for any office space. We invite you to meet with one of our team members at our Houston showroom so we can help you chose your new system to house your rotary files.