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Mobile shelving office storage systems like the one shown above enable you to quickly store your documents while multitasking other responsibilities . The system base consists of dual tracks that allow you to easily slide compartments from side to side. When you need to store a document in a particular location, you simply use the track system to create an aisle that allows you to comfortably enter the storage space, pinpoint the proper location for your documents, and store it with near effortless precision.

The example shown above is an Aurora high density file system being utilized by a sheriff’s department in a local county courthouse. The law enforcement personnel show using the system can easily manipulate data without breaking their focus on the many demands that face them on a daily basis. n

The ability to store it fast and find it easy, so to speak, is something of a hallmark to high density filing systems. Originally developed to work as space saving office storage products, high density filing systems quickly evolved into highly efficient time savers. Prior to the rise of electronic document storage and the online marketplace, they were one of the most coveted forms of office equipment in the world.

With all of the many changes we have since witnessed in the world of data and the rise of the Internet, we are still nowhere close to creating a truly “paperless” world. While no longer in the front and center of most people’s minds, office storage systems are still highly valued by office managers who recognize the absolute necessity of keeping well-organized hard copies on hand. Some professions, such as law and law enforcement, literally revolve around document management and need more than hard copy storage. They need innovative products that turn their office filing systems into dynamic, value producing resource centers.

Cubiture’s 25 years of experience in pre-Internet document storage uniquely positions in our industry. We can show you how to integrate the advantages of space and time saving office storage solutions into a modern electronic workplace where the past meets the future with a seamless blend of aesthetics, process flow, and ease of use.

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