Used Cubicles Houston

Buying Used Cubicles? What To Look For

Used cubicles combine the benefits of cost-savings with those consciously designed cubicleworkspaces.   Because Cubiture maintains its own manufacturing and warehousing facility here in Houston, we are able to build cubicle systems in-house from refurbished components that we acquire at large throughout the community.

As  refurbishing company, we can custom build used cubicles in a wide range of panel heights, fabric colors, and material options–all from refurbished materials that are much less expensive than equivalent new components.

Refurbished used office cubicles are much less costly than new office cubicles. However, their exterior surface areas—such as fabric, hardtops, and paint—are brand new. Up to 50 percent of the cubicle structure is also rebuilt, making them far more sturdy than “as is” used office cubicles.

We offer our clients over 400 options in color laminate choices. We also have 500 different fabrics that you can choose from. Tops can be made from hardwood or from metal, depending on need or preference in style.

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