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December 28, 2017
Discount Business Office Furniture For Sale - Cheap Manufacture Wholesale Prices

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Jerry knows business office furniture because Jerry knows business.
Having owned several companies in his lifetime, Jerry knows what matters most to business owners.  He understands that budget matters, and he knows the importance of time.  He knows that real estate keeps going up and that growing companies cannot always afford to move.  Jerry also understands the times we are living in.  He knows that the customer experience is the most important element to any sale, and he knows that maintaining a positive atmosphere within the office is the key to giving the customer the best possible service.

Budget matters.
Have you ever met a sales agent who acted like money didn't matter?  That's because the agent was talking about your money.  It's a different story when a sales agent has to spend her or his own money.

You won't have this problem with Jerry because he has been in your shoes.  He knows that no matter how much money an organization makes, it never makes enough to just throw money away.  That is why he invested in his own factory.  If your company is operating on a tight budget, Jerry can custom build your business office furniture at prices lower than name brand furniture systems sold online.

Don't assume that you cannot afford what you want because of your budget.  Jerry has built hundreds of custom systems that were based on pictures customers brought to him.  Using his own materials, he has been able to save businesses anywhere from 30%-60% of the cost of the original items.

Time is money.
Jerry knows that you do not have time to stop what you are doing when your new business furniture arrives.  This is why he coordinates installations at times that your normal operations will not be disrupted.  His teams are trained to quickly remove old furniture you no longer use and install your new tables, desks, and chairs as quickly as possible.  Installations can be scheduled before and after business hours if necessary, and Cubiture will also deliver on weekends with authorization from your building manager.

Jerry owns his own trucks, so you don't have to depend on third-party freight companies for delivery.

Real estate is going up.
Whether you are moving or staying where you are, Jerry's complimentary space planning service offers you maximum return on your investment.  Jerry knows that every square foot in your suite is costing you money, so he looks for ways to configure your business office furniture for generating a tangible return on your space.  Desks that utilize more wall space, high density storage and filing, and workstations built with task completion in mind help you recover your investment in your floor plan.

Service is the heart of sales.Even people who buy online expect quality delivery service.  In today's market, people judge the quality of products by the way they are treated by sales agents and support staff.  Jerry has always made the customer experience the very core of Cubiture's operations.  Cubiture as a BBB Accredited entity with an A+ Rating.

Not every business office furniture company has this type of rating.  Cubiture has it because Jerry has made it standard that every Cubiture employee is expected to uphold without exception or excuse.

Ergonomics impact performance.
As the customer experience moves to the forefront of business more than ever before, it becomes crucial that all businesses maintain a positive, professional face to the world at all times.  Good morale in the office makes for a good customer experience at large.  As an avid supporter of human health and wellness, Jerry makes it a point to recommend or build ergonomic business office furniture for his customers.  Keeping employees seated comfortably is the key to keeping them on task.  It also fosters a pleasant office atmosphere wither better morale that directly impacts the quality of the customer experience.

Call Cubiture for all types of business office furniture.
We have medical furniture, reception furniture, conference room furniture, and furniture for executive suites.  We can build you cubicles that don't look like cubicles, and we can increase your production areas within your existing space.  Talk to Jerry today, and get started with a free office space plan drawing.

Business Office Furniture
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