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Recycled Furniture Solutions at Cubiture

Let Cubiture Handle the Pick Up and Processing of Your Recycled Furniture

If you are looking for a sustainable recycled furniture solution and service provider, Cubiture is here for you! We will discount the value of your trade-in recycled furniture on your next purchase of new office cubicle and furniture products.

Trade-In Recycled Furniture to Get Quality Commercial Office Furniture or Discounts in Return

The most common misconception about recycled furniture and buying back used commercial office furniture is they are the same as liquidated ones. Liquidation refers to the process of selling or donating used commercial office furniture or cubicle systems to a third party. While recycled office furniture is considered materials that have outlived their original purpose and must be disposed of. Instead of discarding them in landfills, we use them as raw materials to create and manufacture new commercial office furniture.
To continue providing recycled furniture solutions, Cubiture partnered with a trustworthy Houston waste management company to source our raw materials. Cubiture will handle from pick-up to processing of your used or damaged office furniture for you. We store recycled furniture in our 30-yard dumpster until they are processed. Our specialists will process recycled office furniture in our own facility and manufacture the raw materials for new commercial office furniture.

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Are you looking for a solution to handle your damaged, used commercial office furniture? Speak with our specialists and we will take care of your recycled furniture, from pickup to processing. Contact Cubiture today and book a FREE on-site consultation!

Save Money and Protect the Environment with Recycled Furniture

Fewer raw materials, such as natural resources and energy, are used in commercial office furniture recycling. Furniture made from recycled materials is less expensive and better for the environment. Recycled furniture is an excellent way to save money while also helping the environment.

Conserving Natural Resources

Recycled commercial office furniture is more affordable and environmentally friendly because it requires fewer raw materials, such as energy and natural resources. Furniture recycling involves using recycled furniture as materials. Skilled specialists use existing materials to avoid the need for new ones. As a result, 5 lbs to 9 lbs of natural resources are saved!

Solid Waste Stream Reduction

Recycling commercial office furniture is an effective way to reduce solid waste disposed of in landfills. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) estimates that 3 million tons of commercial office furniture are thrown away each year. Furniture recycling uses these usable parts as materials, reducing the solid waste stream. Skilled specialists give these raw materials a second chance.

Energy Conservation

Furniture recycling is an excellent way to conserve energy and labor costs. Creating new commercial office furniture from raw, untreated materials will require more labor and energy to process. When compared to raw materials, such as smelting metals, using recycled furniture that has already been processed can save you up to 95% on labor and energy.

Air Pollution

Harmful substances are produced during the processing of raw materials such as metal. Carbon monoxide (CO), sulphur oxides (SOx), nitrous oxides (NOx), carbon dioxide (CO2), volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and other byproducts are greatly reduced by using recycled furniture as they are already processed materials. These harmful substances contribute to global warming, photochemical smog, acid rain, and other air pollution.

Your Zero-Waste Commercial Office Recycled Furniture Solutions

We offer an eco-friendly and more sustainable option for your damaged or used commercial office furniture. Our zero-waste solution includes the 3Rs:

Convenient and Cost-Effective Used Commercial Office Furniture

If you want to save money without sacrificing quality or your budget, used commercial office furniture is an affordable and convenient option. Used furniture has a shorter lead time because it is ready to ship at any time. If you need office furniture quickly, used furniture is the solution you need.

Socially Responsible Remanufactured Commercial Office Furniture

Remanufactured commercial office furniture is a reliable and cost-efficient option if you have a limited budget. Used furniture is refurbished, restored, repaired, or reupholstered to create remanufactured furniture. This serves as an eco-friendly and sustainable option for the environment.

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Cubiture provides commercial office furniture services and solutions to all types of businesses. Aside from recycled furniture, we offer cubicle systems, office furniture rentals, restoration and repairs, ergonomic furniture, office planning, and design, and more! Check them out today.

Learn More About Recycled Furniture

Want to know more about recycled furniture, sustainability, and how to protect the environment? Cubiture will share professional tips, information, and news on how you can adopt more eco-friendly and sustainable practices. Let us keep you updated!
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