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Ergonomic Office Chair and Furniture Solutions

Improve the Wellness of Your Employees with Ergonomic Office Chair, Desk, and Furniture Sets

Ergonomic commercial office furniture setup creates a healthy and happy work environment for your employees. Choosing an ergonomic office chair, desk, and furniture will result in a more productive, efficient, and comfortable workspace. Contact a Cubiture specialist today and let's schedule an on-site consultation.

Wide Collection of Ergonomic Office Chair and Furniture for a Productive Workspace

We understand the importance of comfort, health, and happiness to improve productivity. At Cubiture, you can find a wide range of ergonomic office designs, desks, chairs, storage systems, modular office furniture setups, and cubicles to create a better work environment. Minimize lower back pain and strain to help maintain proper posture while working by choosing ergonomic furniture.

Personalized Ergonomic Office Chair, Desk, and Furniture Design Specially for You


We create ergonomic furniture, cubicle systems, and office setup designs following the principles of ergonomics. Sitting or standing for hours can put too much strain on the spine causing discomfort and back pain. Choosing an ergonomic office chair, desk, and furniture can reduce back problems and increase safety, comfort, and wellness. We prioritize the welfare of your team first.

Desks & Chairs

Proper posture while working is crucial in ensuring the productivity and comfort of your team. Using the right ergonomic office chair and desk can help prevent unnatural body movements and positions. Reduce body pain and strain with our ergonomic desk and chair from Cubiture. We have a wide range of ergonomic seating and desking solutions to choose from.

Storage System

Looking and reaching for documents in high or low storage cabinets can be strenuous. Avoid preventable accidents with Cubiture ergonomic furniture design and storage systems. We will apply the principles of ergonomics when creating a design to use the storage capacity, make them more accessible, and avoid body strain. Our specialists will create a personalized ergonomic office design for you

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Reduce Work-Related Injuries With Ergonomic Furniture

Maintain Proper Body Posture While Working

Traditional chairs put a strain on the spine leading to bad posture and back injuries. By using an ergonomic office chair with adjustable height, your employees will get back support to correct their sitting posture and avoid back problems.

Head/Neck Rest and Standing Desks

The ergonomic office chair features a long backrest, specifically designed to support the natural curvature of the spine. You can reduce strain pain by using an ergonomic office chair with head and neck support and a standing ergonomics desk.

Productivity Increases

Comfortable, healthy, and happy employees will lead to improved productivity. If your team is suffering from fatigue, pain, or aches, their focus will decrease. You can minimize health concerns while increasing productivity and efficiency by using ergonomic furniture.

Improves Overall Wellness

By adding ergonomic office furniture to your workspace, you can improve the physical and mental health of your employees. Looking after your team's overall wellness and happiness will increase employee retention and boost their morale.

Personalized Ergonomic Office Chair and Furniture Design

We do not only specialize in providing high-quality ergonomic furniture and cubicle systems, but also efficient ergonomic office design. Our experienced specialists will create an ergonomic office layout for your workspace making it more comfortable and organized. Cubiture will ensure your team feels as good as the office looks! Contact us today and talk to our specialists.

Ergonomic Office Chair and Furniture Restoration and Repair Services

Ergonomic furniture can get old or damaged when not maintained properly. Let Cubiture specialists restore and repair your ergonomic chair, desk, storage systems, and other office furniture.

Talk to Our Specialists About Ergonomic Office Furniture and Chair Designs

We specialize in creating a healthy work environment and providing quality ergonomic office chair, desks, and furniture. With our problem-solving skills and experience, we are able to provide results quickly. Contact us and let's schedule a FREE on-site consultation!

How to Choose the Right Ergonomic Office Chair

Seat Height

The height of the ergonomic office chair should be easily adjustable. This allows the employee to avoid neck and back strain. To work efficiently, their feet should be flat on the floor while the arms are the same height as the desk.

Seat Width and Depth

The ergonomic office chair seat width and depth should be able to provide support. The seat is 17 to 20 inches wide. While the depth should be comfortable enough with 2 to 4 inches of excess space between the chair and back of the knees.

Lumbar Support

The lower back support of the ergonomic office chair is important. When working for hours, employees tend to overlook their posture causing back pain and strain. The right ergonomic office chair should have a lumbar adjustment to support the inward curve of the lumbar spine.


An ergonomic office chair should have a 12 to 19 inches backrest. The backrest must be able to support the natural curve of the spine, especially the lumbar area. It has to be adjustable with a locking mechanism to get the proper angle.

Seat Material

The ergonomic office chair should have enough padding to make it comfortable for employees to use them, even for long hours. It is advisable to choose an ergonomic office chair made with breathable fabric to avoid sweating and an unpleasant feel.


The armrest of the right ergonomic office chair should be adjustable to avoid strain on the shoulders and arms. It should provide relaxed and comfortable support to the arms, elbows, forearm, and shoulders while using the computer or doing paperwork.

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Looking for modular office furniture and ergonomic furniture solutions for your workspace? Cubiture offers cubicle systems and office furniture services and solutions to improve the comfort, health, productivity, and efficiency of your team. Check them out today!

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Find ways to enhance the comfort and wellness of your team with the latest information, tips, and tricks about ergonomic furniture, storage systems, cubicle systems, and designs. Let Cubiture keep you updated!
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