Office Ergonomics & Safety

Improve the health and safety of your team with ergonomic furniture and office essentials.

Better Wellness with Ergonomic Office Furniture

Human health plays a crucial role in workplace productivity. Studies have proven over and again that ergonomic seating and desking solutions that offer specific types of support to the human body have a measurable impact on improved productivity and employee morale.

Reduce Work-Related Injuries With Ergonomic Furniture 

Office environments have many opportunities for workers to strain the spine into an unnatural shape. Hunching at a computer desk all day can force the spine into a C and put a strain on the neck muscles. The arms and wrists are also at risk.  Reducing these unnatural positions and movement is the basis of all ergonomic designs proposed by Cubiture. With workstations designed for the worker and not just for aesthetics, workdays are more pleasant. Work-related injuries can be reduced as the spine, neck muscles, arms and wrists maintain a more natural position.

Key features of ergonomic furniture:

  • Helps maintain proper posture
  • Reduces pain when seats with head/neck rest support and standing desks are used
  • Productivity increases as employees are more comfortable
  • Improves overall wellness

With ergonomic office design, chairs, storage systems, desks, and entire cubicles can work in concert to help maintain proper posture and reduce undue strain and fatigue.

This minimizes damage to the lower back that often results from concentrating the upper body’s entire weight on the base of the spine while seated.

Beautifully Designed Furniture for Comfort and Optimal Health 

Cubiture doesn’t just sell ergonomic office furniture. We help you design and create an efficient, comfortable, and beautiful space. With creative, attractive, and organized workstations, your office can look as good as your workers feel.

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