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Quality Conference Table and Chairs

Quality Conference Table and Chairs to Help You Make the Best Decisions for Your Business

Making important decisions and collaboration is crucial for a successful, growing business. You need a well-functioning conference room with a conference table and chairs set to prioritize collaboration, productivity, and privacy. Contact Cubiture today!

Wide Collection of Quality Conference Table and Chairs to Choose From

It is essential for your team to have a boardroom with a conference table and executive/ office chairs to accommodate board meetings, client meetings, and conference calls as your company scales. The right conference table and the right conference chairs can help set the tone of a company as it meets with its staff, future clients, and partnerships.

Different Materials, Sizes, and Shaped Conference Room Furniture

A conference table and chairs are necessary for effective workplace collaboration and decision making. Cubiture has a large selection of conference room tables and chairs to suit your style, space, and budget. We provide high-quality conference room chairs and tables made from wood, glass, metal, laminate, and hardwood veneer. You can find round, square, or rectangular-shaped conference room tables in small, medium, or large sizes.

Professional and Practical Conference Room Office Furniture

The size of the conference table will determine how many people can be seated in a conference room. A 15-foot conference table with 2'1/2 space between conference seats and 4 feet of wall behind each chair is recommended to seat 15 people. At Cubiture, we have a wide array of conference room chairs and tables to accommodate your space and the number of people in your meetings comfortably.

Free Boardroom Table, Chairs, and Space Planning

As your organization grows or reaches a certain size, having a professional boardroom with a table and chairs to cater to board meetings, client meetings, and conference calls is essential. Depending on your business, the boardroom is a reflection of where important proposals and decisions are made. At Cubiture, we offer FREE boardroom space planning and furniture for businesses of all sizes to align with your corporate culture.

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At Cubiture, we provide complete commercial office furniture, services, and solutions for all types and sizes of businesses. By working with our specialists, you can get FREE boardroom planning and FREE on-site consultation. Contact us today and book a date!

4 Things to Consider When Setting up a Conference Table, Chairs, and Furniture

Layout and Design of the Conference Room

Having the right layout and design is crucial in having a motivating and professional conference room. When creating a layout and design, you need to consider the purpose. In general, there are 2 mainly used layout styles used in businesses, namely:

Conference Room Furniture

When it comes to designing conference rooms, it will depend on your corporate culture. A conference table made from certain materials will set the tone for anyone entering the room. A formal tone is conveyed by thick hardwood, whereas a more contemporary tone is conveyed by glass or metal. For the conference room furniture, consider ergonomic commercial office furniture for comfort, productivity, and overall health.

Equipment in a Conference Room

As a multi-purpose space for communication, the correct equipment is essential for a successful conference room. Most conference rooms will have lighting controls, a projection screen, or a TV screen to display presentations or documents. Also, consider adding a video and audio system or whiteboards for better and easier collaboration. Ensure the conference room has a reliable Wi-Fi connection to avoid technical difficulties and interruptions.

Rules of a Conference Room

A conference room is a shared space. Proper rules and guidelines must be followed in order for the conference room to function safely and properly. There needs to be a process for reserving the conference room. To ensure the safety and protection of your employees and clients from viruses such as COVID-19, it is crucial to follow the basic social distancing protocols and install sneeze guards and sanitization stations.

We Offer Conference Table, Chairs, and Commercial Office Furniture Repair and Restoration Services

To ensure your conference table, chairs, and furniture are in good working condition, regular maintenance is essential. At Cubiture, we offer complete commercial office furniture restoration and repair services.

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Apart from offering FREE boardroom planning, Cubiture also offers other office solutions and services, such as cubicle systems, commercial office furniture, workplace design, moveable glass walls, and more. Browse through the office services and solutions we offer today!

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Keep up with the newest trends in conference room design, cubicle systems, and office furniture with Cubiture! We publish useful tips, tricks, and information that will help your team be more productive through proper commercial office furniture planning and design.
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