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Sustainable Furniture for Office Spaces

Cubiture Will Find the Sustainable Furniture Solutions Your Company Needs!

Reduce your business' impact on the environment while ensuring its success with Cubiture’s sustainable furniture solutions and services! Our specialists design and customize eco-friendly, sustainable commercial office furniture. We provide ways to fulfill your social responsibilities to change the Earth and your company's future for the better. Reduce, reuse, and redefine with Cubiture.

Sustainable Furniture: Reduce Purchasing with Commercial Office Furniture Rental

The first in the 3Rs is reduce. To reduce your commercial office furniture purchasing, you can choose the used office furniture rental option. This sustainable furniture solution is ideal for businesses looking for temporary office cubicles and furnishing. If you are staying in a temporary office location, working on a short-term project, or looking for ways to minimize costs, choose commercial office furniture rental options from Cubiture.

Sustainable Furniture: Reuse and Save with Pre-Owned Commercial Office Furniture

The second in the 3Rs is reuse. Reusing pre-owned commercial office furniture is another eco-friendly and sustainable furniture solution option for your company. Repurposing used office furniture is a cost-efficient way to give your workplace a new look. Our specialists will restore and refinish used office cubicles and furniture. This is a necessary process to ensure that you receive quality pre owned furniture in the best possible condition.

Sustainable Furniture: Recycle and Select Remanufactured Commercial Office Furniture

The third in the 3Rs is recycle. Remanufactured commercial office furniture is ideal for businesses looking for high-quality but low-cost office cubicles and sustainable furniture solutions. At Cubiture, we repurpose used office furniture and restore it to its best working condition. We perform simple but professional upgrades such as reupholstery, repaint, refinishing, sanding, and more to ensure the quality and durability of the sustainable furniture you receive.

8 Ways Eco Friendly Companies Create a More Sustainable Office

Maintaining an eco-friendly, sustainable, and productive work environment for yourself and your employees is necessary for a successful business. Here are 8 ways to make your office more environmentally friendly.

Choose a Paperless Option

In this digital age, almost everything can be completed as long as you have a stable internet connection. The best and easiest way to go paperless is by using cloud file-sharing systems online such as Google Docs, Dropbox, or OneDrive.

Unplug Unnecessary Devices

It is not enough to simply turn off all the equipment and devices in the office. Plugged-in devices still consume standby power or Phantom power. Inform all your employees to unplug electronic devices in the office that are not in use.

Install Motion-activated Light Switches

Improve the energy efficiency of your office by installing motion-activated lights. Motion-activated lights are programmed to turn themselves off. This helps reduce electricity consumption and savings on your bill since lights will not be left on at all times.

Invest in a Bottleless Water Dispenser

A bottleless water dispenser is a device designed to reduce the use of plastic bottles. Purchase and invest in a bottleless water dispenser and encourage your employees to bring their reusable water bottles and coffee mugs.

Keep the Shades Open during Daylight Hours

Another easy way to save on electricity is by opening window coverings such as blinds, curtains, and shades. Allowing natural light to enter the office is a great way to save on costs to invest in a more sustainable furniture option.

Clearly Label Trash, Recycling, and Compost Bins

Trash separation will be easier if the trash bins in your office are labeled properly. Some of your employees might not know what the labels and colors mean. It is best to send a clarification email.

Keep an Eye on the Thermostat, Especially in the Summer

It is best to adjust the thermostat rather than making the office freezing cold for your employees. This is especially important during summer. Start with 72° and adjust accordingly until your office is comfortable, not too hot or cold.

Incentivize and Appreciate Green Behaviors

If you truly want to create an eco-friendly and sustainable office, set an example for your employees by using sustainable furniture and materials. Then encourage your employees to adopt an eco-friendly approach by creating events and providing an incentive program.

Read About Eco-Friendly, Zero-Waste, and Sustainable Furniture Solutions!

With zero-waste tips from our experts, you can make your company more sustainable and environmentally friendly. We provide the latest news and solutions for businesses of all sizes. Visit our blog today!
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