Commercial Office Furniture Rental

Save money, time, and hassle outfitting your office with commercial rentals from Cubiture.

Rental Options for Office Furniture

Office furniture rental represents a great opportunity for businesses in today's changing market.

Many organizations across the country are currently seeking to minimize their purchasing costs —particularly during short-term projects or while office renovation work is in process. With the work-from-home concept in fulls wing, offices do not need as many workstations, and they may only be needed temporarily.

What happens to office furniture during times of uncertainty?

We understand furniture is an asset that's both functional and creates part of the corporate image, but it's also a significant investment. That's why we offer office furniture for rent. Amid any workplace shift, renting commercial furniture may be a better investment than buying.

While there are significant cost benefits to office furniture rental over office furniture purchases, we want to emphasize that these benefits are directly proportional to time. The cost of office furniture rental is calculated by totaling the price of every item and dividing it by the length of term.

For a short period of time, this is obviously much less expensive than buying new or even refurbished office furniture. However, the longer your term lasts, the more the cost of renting office furniture can exceed the cost of purchasing office furniture.

There are key times when renting commercial office furniture makes good business sense:

  1. When your office space needs are changing or uncertain
  2. When you need commercials office furniture quickly
  3. When cash flow is a concern
  4. When you have a short-term lease or are subleasing space

In transitional environments, it is far more practical and cost effective to lease office furniture until any transition, subleasing, remodel, or other uncertainty is resolved. Another instance where office furniture rental works very well is in the construction industry. Construction job sites are temporary facilities that are erected to oversee the project. Purchasing office furniture is not practical for such projects — particularly when the buildings containing the furniture are temporary themselves.

Cubiture strives to accommodate your business with commercial office furniture rental opportunities that fit both your budget and your workspace. We focus on renting chairs, cubicles, and desks because these items are the most practical and necessary in even a basic office environment. There are additional, larger office furniture items we can rent, including mobile filing systems, storage systems, lounge seating and furnishings, and training room setups.

One thing that sets Cubiture apart as a commercial office furniture rental source is our month-to-month rental policy. Unlike most companies in the region, we do not require our clients to lease for a minimum of 3 months or a 1-year maximum.

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