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Office Cubicles for Your Workspace to Increase Productivity

Improve Productivity and Privacy Through Office Cubicles and Office Room Dividers

Enhance the efficiency, privacy, and productivity of your team by adding office cubicles and modular office furniture. Cubicles will create privacy and a quieter work environment in a shared space. Cubiture will help you create the ideal environment while maximizing space.

Multiple Office Cubicles Options to Fit All Your Office Needs

We have a wide range of high-quality, brand-new office furniture set options from reputable manufacturers. From receptionist desks, drawers, file cabinets, and chairs, to cubicle systems, you can find the commercial office furniture you need here at Cubiture!

Choose From New and Remanufactured Office Cubicles

As we have our own manufacturing and warehousing facility, we can build cubicle systems in-house from refurbished components that we acquire from national and local sources. We also offer a select inventory of “as-is” pre-owned office cubicles making it a more cost-effective option.

New Cubicles

At Cubiture, we will create a cubicle office design and layout to improve the look and feel of your workspace. We will customize the design based on the type of business you have and the number of employees. To complete your office cubicle furniture and setup, we partner with reputable modular office furniture manufacturers and suppliers to ensure product quality.

Used Cubicles

Saving on costs for office cubicles without sacrificing quality is possible with Cubiture. We have used and quality cubicles at reasonable prices waiting for you! Find the used cubicles for your office that matches your style, workspace size, and budget with our wide collection of used office cubicles to choose from. Our inventory is constantly changing, contact us to secure your cubicle furniture.

Remanufactured Cubicles

Remanufactured office cubicles are made by refurbishing components from other commercial office furniture from trusted local and national sources. We have our own warehouse and manufacturing facility where we remanufacture and create “new” modular office furniture at lower price points. All the remanufactured office cubicles we offer are redesigned in-house by specialists to make them look newer. Save on costs with refurbished office cubicles.

Confidence with Cubiture

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Cubiture offers the best products and services in office cubicles, furniture, design, and safety.

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Save Space and Increase Efficiency with Office Cubicles

Cubicles are an exceptional space-saving option for any office. Workstations can be ,designed with innovative storage solutions for the security and organization of office supplies.

Our cubicles are designed to support workflow and individual task requirements. The partitions (which come in a variety of colors and fabrics) separate individual workspaces, minimizing excessive noise, off-task conversation, and sensory overload. Leaving your employees to fulfill individual tasks with greater speed, efficiency, and accuracy.
A Wide Range of Panel Heights
Personalization According to Taste and Décor
Fabric Material Options
400 Options in Color Laminate Choices

Different Types of Office Cubicles

Professional Cubicles

At Cubiture, you can find different types of office cubicles to serve specific purposes. We understand each person will have different preferences and needs, that’s why we offer feature customization of the cubicles, such as sizes, storage systems, materials, height, etc. Whether you are an accountant, engineer, or lawyer, you can find the right office cubicles here!

Private Office Cubicles

Replace the traditional dry walls in your workspace and choose private office cubicles. Private office cubicles provide a portable and convenient way to improve privacy with features such as quick assembly or disassembly to optimize privacy without adding a new office room. They have higher partitions that can be 6′ or 8′ ft high for the option of adding glass inserts as “office windows”.

L- Shaped Cubicles

L-shaped office cubicles are ideal if you want to create a more accessible workplace. They create an “openness” while still providing separation and boosting the productivity of each team member. These office cubicles are more spacious and refreshing compared to your typical 3- or 4-sided cubicles. We offer budget-friendly and easy-to-assemble L-shaped office cubicles with short or long panels.

Circular Cubicles

Circular office cubicles offer a grander look and make an eye-catching focal point in your workspace. They take up more space and are not suitable for offices with limited space. However, if you want to create unique and stunning circular office cubicles, you can contact us and we will create a design that fits your space and expectations.

High-Walled Cubicles

High-walled office cubicles are the perfect way to improve the focus and productivity of your team. This type of work cubicle has a higher panel that provides better privacy and separation compared to low-walled cubicles. Cubiture offers a large collection of high-walled office cubicles; it’s a more affordable, convenient, and efficient alternative to typical office rooms.

Low-Walled Cubicles

If your office thrives in a collaborative work environment, low-walled office cubicles are perfect for your organization. Low-walled cubicles offer convenient and easy interaction between members of your team. However, they don't provide that much privacy. If you are ready to improve the working relationship of your team, choose low-walled cubicles to improve communication and encourage collaboration.

Talk to Our Specialists for Reliable Office Cubicles for Your Team

Cubiture brings knowledge and a passion for problem-solving to help you maximize your workspace with the proper materials, design, and customer service. Talk to our specialists and schedule a FREE onsite consultation for cubicles for your office.

Need Office Cubicles Restoration and Repair Services?

Maintain the condition of your office cubicles and modular office furniture by scheduling restoration and repair services with us! Our expert team will restore and repair them for you.

Watch How We Install Office Cubicles to Your Workspace

Installing office cubicles is not recommended for beginners. It takes precision, hard work, and experience to properly install office cubicles without damaging the product. Watch this video and find out how our expert installers properly install office cubicles.

Aside From Office Cubicles, Check Out Our Other Services and Solutions

Aside from office cubicles, we also offer other services and office solutions such as office furniture, ergonomic furniture, restoration and repair, relocation, planning and design, rentals, and more. Find out more about all the services we offer today!

Read More About Office Cubicles

Keep up with the latest news about office cubicles and furniture services and solutions to enhance the productivity, focus, concentration, and efficiency of your team. Let Cubiture keep you updated!
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