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Keep it Confidential With Our Office Storage Filing System

Have Your Sensitive Information Kept Safe With Our Office Storage Solutions

Choose Cubiture for an effective filing and office storage system for your documents. We have a wide range of office cabinet storage infrastructure for adequate file arrangement and separation. Minimize possible loss or damage of sensitive information.

Office Storage and Filing Systems that Cubiture Offers

Maintain your professional and organized system of document management with our filing solutions. Protect corporate and business intelligence and data with Cubiture's efficient cabinet sorting structure.

Lateral File Storage

Lateral filing systems can reduce storage space by up to 200%. Easily able to hold twice as much as standard file cabinets, they are an ideal solution for a small company that has outgrown its file cabinets and is facing office storage space challenges. Many freestanding units feature anti-tip safety mechanisms for added stability. Create a space-efficient office storage system with lateral filing.

Rotary File Storage

Another popular filing system features a rotary mechanism that doubles storage space. By utilizing both sides of the units, you can double the capacity of lateral or vertical designs. It is a favourite office storage solution for companies who need to organize various media. Cubiture also has compact office cabinet storage units allowing you to store coats, purses, supplies, and personal cell phones.

Shelving Systems and Compact Units

File cabinets are not the only mechanism for storing documents and other materials. Various types of shelving are used by a wide range of industries, including medicine and education. Media storage, laboratory supplies, industrial products, office supplies, and special gear can all be stored on various types of shelves. Use our office storage to help better serve you in your market.

Wire Shelving

The most basic shelving solution for office storage needs is the wire shelf. Food service companies, in particular, appreciate the accessibility that a shelving unit adds to stock picking and inventory control. Educational facilities also find wire shelves handy for storing textbooks. Hospitals use these storage systems for medical equipment and surgical tools, and restaurant kitchens use them to store supplies and utensils.

Mobile Storage

Also known as compact shelving systems, mobile storage units rank among the more popular types of high-density office shelving systems. It eliminates the need for separate aisles between units because you can roll the units along the track to access a particular section. Mobile office storage systems are highly decorative, so you can integrate them into your surrounding office furniture without necessarily having to place them in a separate room.

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The Right Office Storage System Offers Tremendous Lowering on Office Expenditures

Finding the right office storage shelving systems provide you with more efficient use of your space. It saves money on potentially buying storage units inside or outside the office, making logistics and document storage painful. You can find cost-effective solutions in filing sensitive material while giving yourself additional savings to spend elsewhere toward your business or floor space.

Rejuvenate Productivity With Our Office Storage Containers

Simplifying and assembling an efficient storage system can increase productivity in your office space. Making the necessary adjustments can help you reorganize the floor plan of your office and make different aspects of your office easier to access. Office storage and filing optimization will help your employees quickly reference, locate, and find information without wasting time. This solution leads to many micro savings in time!

Take Advantage of Cubiture’s Wide Ranging Office Services

We offer more than just office storage and filing systems. Cubiture is your one-stop shop for various business services, allowing us to serve you better, our client. Choose us as your #1 choice for commercial office services and supplies.

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