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Warehouse storage allows businesses in transition to store their office furniture and cubicle systems while changes are underway. Businesses who are undertaking a remodeling project may find that it best serves their needs to store at least some of their office furniture while their facility is under construction. Businesses may also require storage when they open a new branch office.

Almost every business needs office furniture and office cubicle storage at some point in its history, with an acute need normally felt any time a company moves.

Businesses who come to Cubiture at these times can expect even more benefits that standard warehouse storage involves. Our West Little York facility is more than a simple warehouse. It is also a repair and refurbishing center where used furniture is upgraded to a nearly brand new appearance. Our unique cubicle systems–many of which do not even look like the cubicles that most people visualize- are also manufactured onsite.

To our knowledge, no other Houston cubicle or office furniture company does as much in-house manufacturing, repair, and refurbishing as Cubiture.

It follows that any company that hires Cubiture for warehouse storage can take advantage of our value-added services. We offer weather proofing, interior storage, and exterior storage options. We also palletize and shrink wrap individual items, and keep track of client inventory.

One of the things we offer that most of our competitors do not is high volume storage for office furniture items over 10 feet in height.

With Cubiture’s warehouse storage service, Houston businesses can safely store their furniture in a secure facility that is monitored by cameras 24/7. Damaged furniture can be reconditioned while in storage, and additional furniture options can be examined that represent a cost-competitive alternative to buying brand new furniture.

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