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Discount Computer Office Furniture
August 21, 2018
Discount Computer Office Furniture For Sale Direct From The Manufacturer Guarantees Lowest Price In Galveston, Katy, Jersey Village, The Woodlands, Conroe & Houston, Texas

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Ergonomics are essential to computer office furniture design.
Employees can easily spend upwards of 8 hours a day working at a computer. Ideally, a worker’s arms and fingers should be straight when typing on a keyboard. To prevent fatigue and eventual health problems, computer workstations must allow users to adjust their work surface to a comfortable height. Workstations designed to support laptops need adjustable desks that users can move up and down. Workstations designed to support desktops should have keyboard trays that likewise allow users to set the keyboard at the desired height.

Cubiture has a full line of ergonomic, 8-hour rated office chairs that also allow users to set armrests at the optimal height for comfort and health.

Organizing space for external storage media.
Computer office furniture should provide organizing space for external storage media. Thumb drives, external hard drives, DVD’s should never be thrown into a drawer because that is how the one item the user needs always seems to disappear.

Cubiture designers are experts in storage solutions and can easily construct cabinets or drawers that allow your employees to categorize and neatly arrange their storage media for quick access and easy retrieval.

Built-in Filing Systems
Regardless of how often we hear the term “paperless office,” the fact of the matter is that paper isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Most people need to print files, contracts, or important memos several times per week to fulfill their job functions.

Cubiture will build filing systems into your computer office furniture so your employees do not have to constantly run to the file room to store documents. If compliance issues require certain types of filing systems and/or security, please let us know, and we can customize your system to meet all codes and specifications.

Powered panels and ethernet connections
Perhaps the most annoying features of older computer office furniture systems were the inevitable tangle of cords that eventually formed after the user added a second monitor, a printer, or a scanner to her or his desktop array. This was because many of these workstations were built with non-powered cubicle panels. Users had to run their computers and peripherals from multiplug power strips plugged into the wall under the desk. This was awkward and inefficient, and after a sufficiently large tangle of wires developed, also constituted a trip hazard.

Cubiture customers never have to worry about tangled cordage because we use powered panels in all our computer office furniture. These panels contain all the electrical wiring necessary to run laptops, desktops, phone chargers, printers, and monitors. Users can plug directly into outlets located in their actual workstations and eliminate the eyesore—and the hazard—of cords run across the floor.

Factory Direct at Amazing Discounts
Cubiture owns its own factory and eliminates the cost of third-party re-sellers and shipping companies by selling directly to you, the customer. We own our own fleet of trucks and provide turnkey delivery and installation with every order. Get started today with a free office space plan and let us design and build your next generation of affordable, custom, and high-performance computer office furniture.

Computer Office Furniture For Sale
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