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Discount Modular Office Furniture For Sale Manufacturer Direct FREE Quick Ship
September 17, 2018
Discount Modular Office Furniture For Sale Manufacturer Direct FREE Quick Ship

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Modular office furniture offers a startup company room to comfortably grow. Unlike strictly traditional desks, case goods, and tables, modular systems can be expanded at will to accommodate a growing labor force. Modular desks can be expanded by adding new sections, and new panels, mounted either to the floor or to the desk surfaces, can create new individual workspaces for new hires. Portable panel walls can be used instead of drywall to build executive offices and conference rooms. These components can be reconfigured into new layouts when your company starts to grow.

Build workspace around core, essential processes.
The worst thing you can do is to try to figure out where you will be in a year and buy in accordance with your projections. This is how you will end up purchasing office furniture that you later find you have no use for. Not only would such a move be a waste of money, it will also prove to be a waste of space.

Instead, think of each person’s role in the company, then break his or her role into tasks. Have Cubiture design each workstation with those specific tasks in mind; then have your space planner arrange them in accordance with core processes that drive sales and operations.

This will help you avoid purchasing workstations that are larger than necessary, and it will leave plenty of room to grow once your launch phase is completed and consistent expansion begins.

Focus on operations first.
Many new companies focus exclusively on sales in the beginning, not realizing that an infrastructure is necessary to deliver on the promises made by the sales team. Therefore, we recommend furnishing your operational divisions before anything else. Invest in modular office furniture that makes it easy to organize supplies, keeps your team comfortably seated, and that contains electrical outlets to power computers, monitors, and personal printers.

Choose a style.
Once your space plan is complete, you can decide what style of modular office furniture will best compliment your corporate culture. Formal environments are better supported by very traditional aesthetics established by fine wood veneers and high panel walls. More relaxed atmospheres tend to do better with transitional designs that add a little bit of the new to a foundation of the old. Highly creative environments that require a free-flowing exchange of ideas tend to lead more toward contemporary designs that represent forward thinking, unique perspectives, and innovation.

Blend open concept with private space.
Never believe those people who say that open concept office design is a thing of the past. The open concept has been a popular design style for several decades now and shows no signs of going away. It does, however, show evidence of significant modification. Many organizations who started out with a purely open concept layout have now gone back and added private offices and conference rooms to their suite. These areas provide individual employees with personal environments where they can focus exclusively on task completion. However, teaming areas and meeting spaces retain the open concept design in order to encourage the free exchange of ideas.

Consider buying directly from the Cubiture factory.
Buying direct allows you to obtain custom modular office furniture at prices that are often lower than name brand equivalents. With our own manufacturing plant, and with our own fleet of trucks, we can build custom workstations for less money than it costs to buy leading name brand equivalents. While it may seem incredible to some that custom with Cubiture costs less, it should not surprise anyone. Our enormous vendor network allows us to source materials from all over the globe. Once you decide what you want us to build, we can find the least expensive materials to use in building your office furniture with and pass on the savings to you.

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