When Should you Consider Office Chair Replacement?

Office Char Replacement Options
October 16, 2018

Periodic office chair replacement will keep you ahead of the workflow curve. This is because your office chair is probably the most used and abused piece of furniture that you can have in your personal workstation. With workers spending an average of 40 hours a week at their place of work, that makes for many hours of sitting in a chair to get through their days’ work, with one study placing the number of hours in front of a computer screen at 17000 per year. You’ll find yourself rolling across the floor or leaning or twisting in your office chair to grab something nearby. You may find yourself using all your body weight to push yourself out of your chair or to fall back into it to continue your day’s work. All of this leads to wearing down not just your chair but your body as well—which makes office chair replacement a matter of health and wellness.

Over the time that you’re using your office chair, you may notice physical and mechanical changes indicating that it’s time to replace your chair. Probably the most obvious indicator is a rip or a tear in the material of the chair. Exposed foam or other stuffing can be a problem, and depending on material, it can be messy also. This can be an unsightly reminder that it’s time to find a chair—ideally, a quality ergonomic office chair replacement—that will maintain its structural and aesthetic integrity while it keeps up with your busy workday. You deserve to occupy a chair that looks as good as it operates. Even more important is your physical comfort while sitting in it. Following basic ergonomic principles is commonly and irrefutably linked to productivity, morale, and focus, and happiness—in and outside of the workplace.

One major feature of a good office chair replacement is the presence of a hydraulic cylinder, the apparatus that allows you to add or reduce height to your chair with a lever. This is an important way to keep yourself ergonomically aligned with your work surface, as you don’t want to have to strain your neck or arms upward to reach a too-high surface. You also don’t want to have to hunch over your desk to do your work, which occurs if you’re sitting in a seat that’s too high relative to your work surface. Another major problem with incorrect chair height is associated leg cramps. When you’re in a seat that’s too low or high, your legs are bent at an angle that can put a lot of strain on them, with muscles working to sustain an unnatural position. Cubiture’s ergonomic chairs are built with the adjust ability you need to avoid any cramping or other discomfort in your legs. This means you can reduce the amount of time spent walking around your office just to reduce any of these stresses.

Backaches are a very unfortunate yet common result of bad posture due to poor office chair design. Often, it’s the upper and lower lumbar spines that are affected and over time the pain associated with this poor alignment is more than noticeable. If you’re experiencing any back pain with your current office chair, then it’s time to consider office chair replacement. Cubiture’s ergonomic seating solutions can relieve yourself of any stress or pain, and to get yourself back into the rhythm of your workday.

Ergonomic chairs can relieve a litany of woes that many of today’s workers experience with their current chairs in an office setting. At Cubiture, no matter what issues you may be having with your personal office chair, Jerry’s ergonomic office chair replacements are guaranteed to solve all your problems. Everything on Jerry’s chairs is adjustable—including head rest, arm rests, seat height, and back rest tilt—meaning that whatever your body type or preference in physical comfort, Jerry is bound to have a chair that’s optimized to meet employees’ individual needs. Contact us today.

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