How To Incorporate An Office Cubicle Noise Reduction System Into Your Office Cubicle

Wholesale Office Cubicle Noise Reduction Systems For Sale Factory Direct
October 15, 2018
Wholesale Office Cubicle Noise Reduction Systems For Sale Factory Direct

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Imagine for a moment the kind of work space where an office cubicle noise reduction system is absolutely necessary. You might picture a vast sea of employees in a large room, all sitting in the glow of their computer screens. Everyone is talking at once, usually to their customers via phone and to fellow employees, and there is constant activity with a minimum of visual or sound privacy. While this classic image of a telemarketing, customer support, or collections call center is likely to spring to your mind first, a noise reduction system should be a consideration for all kinds of work spaces. Think hospitals, bank branches, and other open-plan office spaces. You may be familiar with the strong link there is between noise levels and worker productivity: the higher and more frequent noise there is in the workplace, the less focus and concentration a worker has while they try to work. Even rarely-occurring loud noises can lead to higher levels of stress hormone and hypertension as well.

It’s inevitable that an employee will experience distraction during the workday, be it constant or intermittent. Employees in an office environment spend at least half of their workdays at their personal workstations alone. Additionally, over the course of the past decade, there’s been a 10% increase in the percentage of worker hours spent in collaborating with others. This essentially means that the need to focus on individual work is becoming more at odds with a noisier environment. This makes it much more difficult for employees to focus.

An office cubicle noise reduction system can minimize these distractions and help employees stay on task throughout the day. While you may not have much control over elements in the work space that can aid or hamper employee focus, luckily there are ways to handle noise reduction that start precisely with the workstation itself. As you select your office cubicles for your work space, here are some considerations to consider so that you can implement an effective noise reduction system leading to happier, better-focused, and more productive workers.

Select enclosed cubicles.
Enclosed cubicles increase worker privacy. Think of them as small, individual offices, complete with walls and a traditional door. The higher the partitions you use, the more noise you can keep out of your work space. Panels of all materials can come in sizes that generally range from low walls (starting from 42”) to medium walls (starting from 53” tall), to high walls (65-80”). According to Team Office, the most visual and acoustic privacy comes in the form of walls that are 65” or higher. Panel-extenders can also be used by attaching to existing, shorter, cubicle walls. Keep in mind that the law of diminishing returns could apply here, as far as employee happiness and productivity goes. While high walls prove to be a great sound barrier, they can also lead to feelings of isolation for employees, so a blended solution of varying panel heights and overhead bins may be a way to utilize an office cubicle noise reduction system that doesn’t alienate employees also.

Choose acoustic partitions.
There are a variety of materials used to construct cubicles and other personal workstations. Some, like fabric, are softer and more sound-absorbent than others, making them a much better choice in building a noise reduction system into a cubicle. Acoustic partitions can use sound-muffling materials such as foam or cork covered in fabric as part of their construction. These are available as panel-mounted and free-standing elements. Acoustic foam is a spongy material that is excellent at reducing noise across work spaces, and therefore it is a must in reducing unwanted noise within a conventional, “open” cubicle arrangement. However, not all acoustic foam is created equally, as far as quality is concerned. Make sure that you only use the most effective acoustic foam for your paneling. Call us at Cubiture so that we can help you determine which of our hundreds of available materials can be used to optimize your cubicles with an office cubicle noise reduction system all while working within your budget.

Double-layer windows for sound abatement.
There are cases in which personal workstations can include windows for light and a visual connection to your surroundings. This is an excellent feature for employee morale, but it can also be a weak spot when combating sound from other cubicles, leading to a potential flaw in employing your noise reduction system. Double-layering a window may be able to help. An air gap in between the fenestration panels can aid in better insulation from external sounds.

Always remember to start with a complimentary space plan from A space plan shows you how large your cubicles should me and where they should be positioned in the room. This office layout design will also help you identify potential problem areas for distracting noise. We can then choose the best noise reduction system for that area to create a more focused and productive space for each employee. If noise is a problem throughout the entirety of the office, a white noise machine (also known as a “sound conditioner”). These devices emit a low-level frequency that dampens sound in the room. Jerry can advise you on which model should you require a solution of this magnitude. Otherwise, basic office cubicle noise reduction systems can be incorporated into any cubicle we manufacture to ensure that your workers have the best possible production environments. Call now.

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