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March 20, 2019

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Make any workstation private with work forts by Cubiture. These convenient office furnishings are sold right along with more our conventional furniture as a workable alternative spin to your personal work area. Work forts are proudly made in the U.S.A. and meant to be a customizable and responsive addition to your office workstation or school study area.

Work forts are simple workstation partitions that are sized to the individual user, such as an office employee, a student, or anyone else who values a protected area for any mode of work or study. One of the most obvious purposes of the work fort is its job of offering privacy to its users, both visual as well as acoustical.

In this sense, they’re a lot like cubicles, but they’re much more convenient. Your business or organization can give the privacy each user needs, but in a stripped-down way that’s not just less bulky and easier to manage, but also more affordable and even more fun.

Work forts can be a godsend in open-concept office layouts, whose lack of partitions were supposed to signify an optimistic move toward a more collaborative environment. Instead, the layout has actually proven not to be conducive to overall morale and productivity. The lack of walls between coworkers has made it difficult to stay on task while constantly being subject to neighbors’ conversations.

Feelings of discomfort and vulnerability also arose for employees who felt like they were always being watched by coworkers and supervisors alike. This can easily lead to stress and fatigue. Work forts can actually work to restore user privacy in two directions. Not only can they keep wandering eyes from landing on you and your work at all times; they can also keep you from setting your sights on a variety of visual distractions that keep you from working diligently and efficiently.

With the many environments where the use of a work fort, can be beneficial, an office, classroom, or other personal study area are the main ones that come to mind. In an office setting, the individual workstation is naturally the best location for this feature, since employees do value their privacy when getting through their daily workloads.

What’s the need for a traditional cubicle when you’re only looking to provide a touch of privacy to each desk on a tight budget and without all the other features you find unnecessary for the business? In a case like this, work forts provide an excellent, cheap alternative.

Work forts are also an invaluable addition to educational facilities of all grades whose testing of students occur in open areas with no partitions in place to deter cheating. School and community libraries are rarely without areas devoted to private study, and work forts are perfect for being able to provide that. Even large common tables in an open room can be quickly subdivided into multiple study zones.

Work forts help to organize your workstations in two available noise-blocking materials, both 100% recyclable and friendly to the environment. Both materials also readily accept push pins, so that any user can further personalize their partitioned workspace with photos and other reminders of family, as well as notes for work and even lunch menus. Our first material is an acoustical fabric panel that has a noise-reducing 100% recyclable nonwoven polyester.

All the layers of this work fort are bonded together with a non-toxic adhesive system. They’re solvent-free, so volatile organic compounds off-gas from these panels. To add a sense of style to your workstation or to align with the general interior décor, you can choose from 24 available, attractive colors, ranging from muted hues to more bold ones.

Cubiture carries high-density work forts which also provide impressive acoustical performance. Instead of acoustical fabric, these partitions are made of a high-density rigid acoustical non-woven polyester. This high-density polyester is solvent-free, which means you can expect zero off-gassing from this product. While the range of colors is much smaller, the hues offered are no less attractive. The four colors offered are beige, black, cloud gray, and royal blue.

All work forts come in a variety of shapes and sizes to specify into diverse and fun workstations personalized for each individual user. Dividers can be chosen from widths of 22” and 47”. Available heights include 11” and 22”. Any combined height and width choice will yield a rectangular or square shape, but you can also specify our wave-shaped panel, which changes height gracefully across its 47” width, from 11” to 22”.

This can offer a touch of added personalization to your divider, not just in terms of style but privacy needed for your task as well. Use the 22” end of the wave-shaped panel to shield your laptop activity while the 11” end can block your manual deskwork, or vice-versa. If using the work forts for more aesthetic purposes, rows of adjacent workstations can even match 11” ends together and 22” ends together for a continuous wave pattern across the entire cluster of desks.

With each work fort panel you choose, you can select one of two mounting methods. Steel mounting brackets come in a free-standing variety and a desk-clamped variety. You can set the free-standing variety atop the surface of your desk with simple footings as a mount.

With the more secure desk-clamped bracket, which features a vice-like attachment, you can maximize desk space by affixing the bracket to the edge of the desk. All brackets have two prongs that can hold a panel between them for a secure fit yet at the same time easy removal of work fort panels.

Both mounting styles can be used for multiple work forts in the same setting. In order to make the most of limited space, free-standing brackets can turn a common study or work table into an area of multiple private study zones. Depending on the number of users or the level of comfort needed for each workspace, the widths of each zone is easily adjusted simply by sliding the free-standing work forts in one direction or the other.

Adding privacy to workspaces at the ends of common tables or individual desk is best done by clamping work forts to the outer free edges of each surface. Work forts can help to organize users in a work setting as well. Employees can be grouped based on the department they work in, or in terms of more collaborative units such as project teams. Call centers are also not to be overlooked since they require many people working in tight spaces that rely on clarity of communication.

In today’s bustling environments, our work forts can help to restore a sense of privacy and individuality to those places where you work and study. Find a way to personalize them with the various customizable features you can enjoy, such as size, color, material, and mounting type. With a call to Cubiture, you can join us in a free consultation for guidance in finding the perfect work fort for you. We also offer our 100% free shipping with every order you place. Call Cubiture today at (713) 412-0900!

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