The Benefits Of Using Modular Office Furniture

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May 16, 2019

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Cubiture can provide your office with furniture anywhere from sophisticated and traditional to smart and modern, and what could be more modern than modular office furniture? If you’re looking to save space, money, and time, then consider purchasing it for your work environment.

You might think of modular office furniture as something which lacks any sense of character or personality, much like those cubicles from the 1980s that helped to create a sea of anonymity with your neighboring coworkers. Boring and repetitive. However, a lot has changed over the years and modular furniture has many positive characteristics that may match perfectly with your office environment.

One of the first that advantages that springs to mind is the ease of relocation of these units. With cubicle walls designed to be portable, you can refashion and reconfigure your workspaces in whichever way you deem fit. Modular office furniture such as cubicles can perform in many ways that conventional sheetrock offices do, except with the added benefit of being able to take them with you when moving offices or just moving locations in your existing one.

Along with the movability of modular office furniture, expandability is also an important feature. If you’re a startup looking to grow the company down the line, the expandable nature of modular office furniture allows you to accommodate new hires and even new departments if necessary. Most modular sets have mechanisms that interlock, allowing you to build out continuous panels run end-to-end and to your preferred length.

Ease of assembly is an excellent trait in modular office furniture, allowing you to save money and time when new replacement workstations are necessary. Are you moving to a new office or simply opting for a new layout at your current office? You can expect a typical cubicle to be assembled in the span of a couple of hours, partially due to the lightnesss of the panels.

Traditional drywall construction for a full-fledged room can’t hold a candle to that kind of speed, and it doesn’t help that the triple nuisance of noise, mess, and safety hazard can distract surrounding workers for an unknown period of time. For this reason, choosing modular office furniture in the case of a sublease can be a smart idea, since both the terms of the contract and the length of the term might prohibit any in-office construction or at least make it a less feasible plan.

Modular office furniture does a superb job of saving space as well. Often, where furniture is placed in a way that lots of space gets wasted. Without making the most efficient use of space, walking through an office can feel clumsy, as can making use of amenities such as filing systems and other common resources. Planning, or a lack thereof, can often be the culprit, but the unyielding designs of more conventional furniture can as well.

However, with the characteristic flexibility of modular office furniture, sharing space becomes a lot easier. Corners and sides of offices aremore easily filled with this kind of furniture. Personal workstations can be made as compact as necessary, and even compact configurations such as clustering is a smart way to keep like-minded employees together in functional or collaborative units.

We can’t overlook the high level of customizability in a discussion of modular office furniture. Modular workstations are made up of many different features that range in role and importance in your particular set of furniture. Humans tend to be mostly visual creatures, so it may come as no surprise that as modular office furniture has developed over the years to include a range of thousands of types of materials to satisfy any visual style.

Choose from traditional solid wood paneling or opt for a lighter, highly durable, and more cost-effective wood veneer or laminate boards. Fabrics can be a great way to reduce sound, and glass inserts can add a unique and stylish touch.

Visual style and appearance aren’t the only ways that you can customize your modular office furniture. Storage and functional features of all kinds also abound for cubicles and other workstations. There are many ways that you can specify storage and other tasking features to support the way you work with ease.

Simply assess exactly how you work and what your individual tasks are, and determine what kind of storage features would support that. Then you can choose from any number of customizable features for your modular office furniture. Filing systems, overhead storage, cabinet space, tack boards, wall rails with binder trays, cubby holes, and more are available options to bring you a fun, attractive, and highly functional quality workstation.

Wall size is a major feature determined through the ability to customize your modular office furniture, and for many, it’s particularly the height that’s not to be taken lightly. For the past few decades, it was thought that the open-concept office was an ideal scheme for working productively alongside your coworkers. This concept broke down barriers and removed walls so that workers could engage in a collaborative and creative environment that could only lead to more productivity and morale.

Unfortunately, distraction was beginning to become a problem, keeping employees from being able to focus on their work. The lack of walls has also removed any sense of relief from prying eyes and nosy coworkers, leading to further stress and discomfort. Fortunately, modular office furniture realizes the importance of personal boundaries in the workplace and provides the customizable wall heights needed to moderate sociability and concentration.

Cubiture can provide an expansive selection of modular office furniture for you to choose from, and you can also receive a complimentary space plan so that you can put your newly-acquired furniture to the best possible use and location in your office. This comes from our decades of experience in office planning and design. We also provide you with free shipping on any order you place with us. Don’t hesitate to call Cubiture today!

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