Open Office or Office Cubicles: Which Layout Is Best for Your Company?

Open Office or Office Cubicles
April 23, 2021

Companies are safely reopening their workplaces this year after a long period of remote work. However, occupancy will not immediately be anywhere close to pre-pandemic times, as many businesses consider a hybrid work schedule. Whatever path your business elects to follow, Cubiture can help you adapt your workplace to the new-normal.

Deciding between an open office space or cubicle systems requires knowledge and expertise, especially now. Cubiture has put together some key information in this blog post to help you make an informed decision.


Open Office Spaces

By open office, we mean spaces filled with desks without partitions between them. The main benefits of this type of workplace are collaboration and affordability. But aside from cost-effectiveness, there is no doubt that open offices reduce isolation while encouraging face-to-face communication.

Another advantage of open spaces is that they make the best use of natural light.  An open arrangement of desks and equipment also helps to accommodate a larger number of employees.

Open workspaces were revered until 2020 when the viral spread of COVID-19 led to tough social distancing protocols, particularly indoors. With this new reality, businesses must now ensure their workplaces are safe environments for employees and visitors. That’s where cubicles have an advantage as an efficient and affordable option.


The Versatility of Office Cubicles

Cubicles make workplace optimization easy for any business. Whether you need to downsize, save space, or expand your workplace, this form of office divider will do the job with functionality, affordability, style, and safety.

The first advantage that a cubicle office system offers is privacy, which is particularly important to keep work information secure. Secondly, cubicles make it possible to separate individual workspaces, respecting privacy and enhancing safety. They also work to minimize excessive noise, boosting employee productivity.

Another benefit that Cubiture offers is we custom-design cubicles to perfectly meet your needs and taste. We offer a wide range of new and remanufactured office furniture and cubicles that combine quality and affordability. We personalize them according to your office décor or corporate brand preferences, with several different fabric materials, panel heights, and our 400 options of color laminates.


Office Cubicles Help Reduce the Spread of COVID-19

Finally, the most significant advantage of our cubicles is infection protection. With cubicles, both your workforce and clients have an extra layer of safety against pathogen spread.

At Cubiture, our experts have also developed replacement and modification solutions that follow the social distancing protocols set by the CDC.  If your business simply needs solutions to improve safety, Cubiture offers tall cubicle panels, dividers for corners, glass shields, folding units, and sneeze guards as a few of the choices that meet COVID-19 safety guidelines economically. Our experts are happy to assess your workplace and offer appropriate plans to increase your safety.


Our Verdict on Cubicle Offices

We are all living in challenging times, circumstances are slowly getting better. The COVID-19 pandemic elevated the importance of workplace safety. As your business welcomes back employees to the office, we encourage you to schedule a Free COVID-19 workplace assessment with a Cubiture expert.



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