Optimize Your Office with Our Room Planner & Design Services

Optimize Your Office with Our Room Planner & Design Services
June 18, 2021

What Room Planner and Design Services Can Do for You

Many modern office layouts take a “one size fits all” approach. However, at Cubiture, we know that one size does NOT fit all. A poorly designed office can be noisy, distracted, inefficient, and uglyleaving everything from unused space to unreached potential on the table.

Your office deserves a carefully considered, bespoke layout that reflects everything unique about your approach to business. And this is exactly what Cubiture's room planner and design services provide.

The innovative office solutions experts at Cubiture dedicate time and attention to customizing your office design. We LISTEN to your needs and goals in order to tailor a plan that fits your office perfectly.

Just as poor office design and careless layouts can hinder your office's productivity, leaving your employees dissatisfied and unmotivated, an expertly designed and implemented space can take your business to the next level, helping your team to achieve its goals. Cubiture's experience in the field allows us to balance your individualized needs with aesthetics, functionality, and fundamental ergonomics.

Why Is Office Layout So Important?

Room layout is vital for a number of reasons. For instance, room design can greatly affect efficiency, productivity, communication, health, and comfort. Not only for your employees but also for clients who may visit your workplace.

And this is something businesses can't afford to ignore. Recent surveys show that if employees are satisfied with their work environments, that satisfaction profoundly impacts their relationships with their place of employment. Furthermore, one study broke this down to the following percentages: employees who are comfortable in their physical work environments are 16% more productive, 18% more likely to stay at a company, and 30% more likely to rate their own employers above competitors.

Additional research found that a high-quality workplace can reduce absenteeism by up to four days a year, which can significantly impact a company's bottom line. All of this means that companies that invest in their physical spaces realize a massive return on investment in the form of increased productivity, high morale, and talent attraction and retention.

So, How Does Cubiture's Room Planner Work?

Cubiture's first step is to listen to our customers. The time and attention we devote to customizing our approach sets us apart from other companies. In addition, we pride ourselves on the collaborative nature of our room planning services.

In fact, it's an integral part of creating the best office design for your needs. We're the experts, but we can't create a truly personalized plan without considering your physical space, your workflow requirements, and your employees’ needs.

How We Optimize Your Office Room Plan


Functionality First with Creative Office Spaces

At Cubiture, we help you analyze how your staff already uses your workplace so that we can take an informed approach to building your design. For example, do you hold daily operations calls for large, collaborative meetings? We'll take that into account with flexible, multi-use conference spaces.

Do certain groups of employees frequently consult with each other throughout the day? We'll develop a cubicle wall design conducive to that specific workflow. We do this by placing these groups close together to reduce time waste. First and foremost, we're here to meet your unique needs.


Reduce Noise with Office Cubicle Walls

Regardless of the size of your office, Cubiture always considers noise first. That's because studies have shown that too much noise can increase stress, lowering job satisfaction and workplace morale.

In one Harvard study, a full third of respondents said that they wanted to “soundscape” their workplace. Hewlett Packard Enterprises is one example of a company that takes noise reduction seriously. Their headquarters building is designed to manage ambient sound to reduce distractions.

Cubiture design helps offices, both large and small, to do the same thing. We consciously arrange cubicles and moveable glass walls to mask sound and prevent it from traveling, creating a unified workspace that lets our customers focus on what's most important.


Balance Privacy and Communication with Our Room Planner Services

Some work is collaborative and requires efficient and effective communication with large groups. Other work is individualized and requires private time for dedicated, undistracted focus. Most workplaces call for a healthy balance between the two. Cubiture room planning will always take that into account and recommend products that suit both needs.

Installing Cubiture's glass cubicles with doors is a versatile way to design an office that gives businesses all the sense of communal space of an open-plan concept, with enough flexibility to quickly and easily create individually partitioned spaces when needed. Cubiture can also create multi-use rooms so that no area becomes “dead space.”  This a huge advantage, particularly for small offices.

For any office, the transparency of glass partitions improves communication and collaboration, fostering teamwork and togetherness while also maximizing employee privacy in shared areas. And with each room plan, Cubiture maintains  ADA compliance to make your office as accessible as possible.


Cubiture Cares About Your Mental and Physical Health

Health plays a crucial role in workplace productivity, and Cubiture takes your employees' physical health and well-being as seriously as you do. Two-thirds of respondents in a Harvard survey said that “a workplace focused on their health and well-being would make them more likely to accept a new job or keep the job they have.” This means that companies that choose these employee-centric efforts will not only increase their productivity, they'll also retain and attract great talent.

The most pressing issue our room planner services can help you address is the ongoing threat of COVID-19. As businesses begin to transition out of shutdown and back to a fully-functioning office, Cubiture's designs help to mitigate viral transmission. For example, our glass cubicles with doors stop airborne particles from traveling without inhibiting sightlines or productivity.

The same glass walls let natural light pass through, and exposure to natural light has been shown to prevent fatigue and eye strain. Plus, Cubiture's experienced room planners evaluate your business's workflow to minimize distance as much as possible between high-traffic work areas, reducing fatigue and the risk of accidents.

Physical health is only one part of the equation of a healthy workplace. Cubiture creates designs with your employees' mental health in mind. For example, the enhancement of abundant natural light counteracts the symptoms of seasonal affective disorder and depression.

Prioritizing privacy in shared spaces allows employees to maintain a sense of control plus autonomy, which research suggests helps them feel more engaged in their work. In addition, even the careful reduction of noise reduces stress and protects the mental well-being of workers, keeping them happy, healthy, and productive.


Best Office Design and Comfort

A comfortable office is vital to a productive business. When you consider how much time the average office employee spends at work, it's crazy to think that some office furniture product companies don't take comfort into account when creating their designs. Cubiture is NOT one of those companies. We provide high-quality modern office interior design, and we don't sacrifice comfort to do it.

Research suggests that physically uncomfortable employees are distracted, dissatisfied, and unproductive. Even the most beautiful furniture will make your office an unpleasant, unwelcoming environment if it's stiff, inflexible, and uncomfortable.

Sleek and clean doesn't have to be cold. Professional doesn't have to be sterile or old fashioned. We build comfort directly into each room plan with Cubiture's ergonomic furniture, including chairs, storage systems, desks, and cubicle parts and accessories. In addition, our furniture helps maintain proper posture, reducing undue strain and pain.


Office Design Style

Cubiture never compromises on aesthetics. The appearance of a workplace communicates a lot about your company's culture and identity. Culture's designs elevate the atmosphere of your office and make a sophisticated, welcoming first impression on clients who visit your workplace. And office aesthetics do more than impress potential clients.

One study has shown that the majority of workers (61%) value an aesthetically pleasing workplace.

Drab, old-fashioned, boring, and dissonant environments suppress creativity and lower morale. A stylishly designed workplace conveys a “feel good” sense to workers. This inspires a faster pace and a higher quality of work. Attracting and retaining top talent is a key concern across all industries today, and your workplace environment plays an important role in that equation.

A vast majority of employees in the same study agreed that office appearance strongly influences where people decide to work. So, if your business is looking to grow, the importance of stylish office design cannot be overstated.

Cubiture will work with you to create a contemporary, sleek, and clean office layout that reflects your modern and innovative approach to business. Prefer a more traditional design? Cubiture can help deliver that aesthetic as well.


Let Us Help You with Our Innovative Office Design Solutions

Don't settle for less, knowing that your business may suffer. Instead, make the best use of your square footage with Cubiture's room planner and design services. We bring our expertise and passion for problem-solving to every customer interaction.

Not only that, but we will help you maximize your workspace with the best materials, design, and unmatched customer support. In addition, Cubiture customers receive a fast turnaround time, with the right personalized solutions delivered at the right time.

Contact us at 713-412-0900 today for a free quote.  Speak with an experienced specialist and discover how Cubiture can transform your office with a custom office design layout.


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Optimize Your Office with Our Room Planner & Design Services
Your office deserves a carefully considered, bespoke layout that reflects everything unique about your approach to business. Cubiture can help with our room planner and design services.

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