Time to Upgrade Office Furniture Without Breaking the Bank

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February 4, 2022

Is your office space begging for a change or an upgrade? Now is the time and 2022 is THE year for change – and Cubiture is here to make that work, for a successful and efficient work environment. Do you want new office furniture or to upgrade your space, but working on a budget? No matter where you work, how big or small the office is, Cubiture can customize any solution to fit your needs and your budget. We take into consideration space, size, working methods, company culture, budget, and your goals to meet the needs of both you and your employees in any workspace. Cubiture can help you upgrade your office furniture without breaking the bank. You can be comfortable and spend money on employee development or other perks elsewhere – which is, a win-win for everyone. So, it’s good to know that no work is needed on your part because we take care of the delivery and installation, too! 

Even if your office space is working for you, it can be helpful to bring change to re-invigorate work culture or freshen up your thinking juices with a new environment or new furniture. Think back – were you a little kid who liked to re-decorate your room occasionally? You can do the same with your entire office, and it will increase your productivity! Have some fun with it and think about what and how you would change in your current office space. 

So, let’s explore some options for ways to upgrade your office furniture without breaking the bank: 

Rental Furniture  

Perhaps one of the most budget-friendly options we offer is rental furniture. Let’s face it, the times are changing, and we know nothing can replace the benefits of in-person work, but if your space is moving into a hybrid or home office option, you may be searching for ways to keep the office fresh, but condensed. We offer rentals for office furniture, which can be a better investment in buying if you want to: 

  • Change your workspace often 
  • Provide comfortable communal office spaces on a term-to-term basis 
  • Rent office spaces in short spurts 
  • Sublease rental spaces to others when you do not need or want to use them 
  • Host a large group or event, but do not need the furniture before or after that 

And the best part? Our rentals can be month to month! Most other companies will require at least 3 months or more to rent their furniture out, so all we need from you is a 30-day commitment and you are set! 

Discount Office Furniture 

If you are looking for a longer-term solution than rental furniture, that’s where Cubiture comes into the picture. Our expertise is also in discount office furniture. While we do offer new and unused furniture, we also do a lot of repurposing in house to make remanufactured furniture, which means multiple options for you: 

  • We can repurpose office furniture you already own or have, reducing costs and building on sustainability efforts. 
  • You can buy repurposed or remanufactured items from us that we have carefully taken the time to make look like new, which also builds upon sustainability efforts. 
  • Both! Have some things you want to repurpose, and some things you want to buy new? We can do that combination, too! Literally, anything your heart desires we will make come true. 

No need to go to the discount the office furniture store or warehouse, we are both in one! You also do not need to focus your search on just discount office furniture, with our services you will get everything you want and the most bang for your buck. Additionally, we will customize each piece of office furniture and its layout to maximize your space, which in turn also maximizes employee comfort, efficiency, and productivity. 

Fitted Office Furniture  

Let’s continue the fun of upgrading so you have the right office furniture. Our customization efforts are key to the success of what we do. There is just no other customer service support out there like ours, because we care about your comfort and ease in the space you spend a lot of time working hard to fulfill your passions. With our fitted office furniture and services, your environment will be: 

  • Revitalized with our many color and fabric options 
  • Maximized efficiency and usage 
  • Saved from space misuse 
  • Manufactured right here in America, so service is timely, and we got your back! 

The point is you can upgrade your office furniture without breaking the bank. You do not need to look for specialty discount office furniture stores or warehouses when we are your one-stop-shop for all things office furniture. You will not overpay us and we can help build or maintain sustainable efforts that maximize both the efficiency of your office space and the productivity of your employees. 

Upgrades Beyond Furniture  

Let’s ponder what there is to consider when thinking about upgrading your office space (and p.s.: yes, we can help with everything on this list and more!) Think about what the status of these are right now, and what you would envision for a new future by upgrading your office space and furniture – Cubiture can help you get there without breaking the bank.   

Things to consider:  

  • Office lighting – natural, lamps, overhead lights? 
  • Cubicles – What do they look like now? Do they allow for privacy or employee collaboration? 
  • Seating – where can people sit to work quietly? What about having meetings or communal spaces? Is there a change in scenery or multiple options with seating? 
  • Workspaces – where are people working? Are there opportunities for a change of scenery? Can you add movable or dry erase walls? Are there both private and communal workspaces? 
  • Furniture – is the office furniture functional and/or comfortable? Is it hard or easy to move? Can an office chair be adjusted? Is the desk chair comfortable and ergonomic? 
  • Plug Access – do you have easily accessible outlets to keep devices powered? 

After going through this list, you should number your wants and needs from most important to least important (think must have and nice to have). This way, you have a plan going into your first office meeting with us and we can get an idea of how best to match your needs. If you think of other things to add to your list, that is great, too! We want to be able to customize an entire package just for you and your office.   

Go Big or Go Home? Go Home! 

If you are not ready to commit to major upgrades, that is okay! Try implementing small changes to revamp your space like adding: 

  • Mood or comfort lighting 
  • Indoor plants or décor 
  • Standing desks or upgrading just a new office chair to be comfortable and functional – we still offer affordable, ergonomic solutions for smaller scale items! 
  • Labels and organizational solutions to help keep spaces clear of clutter and distraction 
  • Allow employees to input small tokens of personality in private workspaces 

Whether you want to go big or small with all office furniture upgrades, just know that there is no time like the present to get it done, and with Cubiture, on an affordable basis. 2022 is shaping up to be the year of new office trends, so do not fall behind. In fact, get ahead of the curve with Cubiture. You also do not have to do all the thinking, we can do that, too! When you need a yes-company, we want to be your “yes” for you. 

Look No Further! 

Book a consultation today! Not only is it financially and commitment free, but we respond within one business day and take care of your needs. Your office upgrades are just a click away. Let us know what you need or want, and we are happy to help. Also, the package is all inclusive! Not only will we help upgrade your furniture for your office space, but we will deliver and set it all up, too! You cannot beat that, especially not to break the bank. No matter how big or small the change or upgrade you want to make, Cubiture is the right choice. You will be included in the decision-making process all the way, and that is about as much work as you will have to do. Sit back and relax, we will do the rest! 

Cubiture is a family-owned business, so we will treat you like family and ensure your office is as comfortable and functional, just like the space in your home (or what you wished it would be!). The Cubiture guarantee comes with a five-year warranty, so on top of the free consultation, you know your money is stretching over time with us when you are buying our furniture and services. Where you have a desire to upgrade your office furniture, look no further than Cubiture. We are the all-solution company for your office furniture upgrade needs. Schedule today for an upgraded office tomorrow! 

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