Expanding your business means change.  Adding a new division requires changing the look and feel of your office. Hiring new employees requires creating new work areas for task completion, management interface, and team collaboration.  Opening a new division requires logistical coordination of office installation services with new office furniture and an extension of your existing corporate culture into a completely new workspace environment.


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Cubiture designers will travel to your place of business and confer one-on-one with key decision makers on your team.  By examining the log to develop a new office furniture system that will meet your functional and aesthetic requirements. By blending workflow requirements with individual needs, making full use of your vertical cube, and creating compact, specialized office filing and storage solutions, we can add value to your new layout with multiple options that make cubicle systems and new office furniture scalable to both needs and budget.

Choose from a broad range of new office furniture styles and cubicle system options that will add flexibility to the logistics of expanding your business. Our portfolio includes contemporary, traditional, open-concept, and transitional work space layouts. Each one of these layouts has been developed to accommodate the specifics of each client’s industry, production demands, and individual corporate culture.

Additionally, your new office furniture selections can be individually customized to meet unique employee requirements, space constraints, and collaborative teamwork demands that inevitably arise when adding either personnel or new process flow areas. Upon your request, we will customize your private offices, collaborative work areas, and office cubicles with a variety of seating, storage, and ergonomic features.

By combining the best products in the industry with superior customization and individualized design choices, expanding your business will be spotlighted with an entirely new look and feel propelled by an ever increasing momentum toward revenue growth.  


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