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Let us educate you about cubicles.  These versatile, modular workspaces offer an alternative to walled offices that is not only more economical, but also more flexible.  Cubicle offices and personalized cubicle systems allow you to create any type of workspace your employees need.  Cubicles can be setup as private offices, with panels that reach all the way to the ceiling.  They can also be used to create collaborative spaces where team members can interact as they work on projects together.  Cubicle layouts can also establish entire departments with configurations that guide workflow and support specific needs of professionals in each division.  Over the years, Cubiture has developed layouts for organizations a very diverse range of vertical markets ranging from oil and gas, medical research, law, and financial services.

Cubicles allow human resource personnel to equip their employees with all the necessary tools of specific job descriptions.  Workstations can be fitted with a variety of surfaces, storage systems, and communications arrays that will fully support the fulfillment of individual task completion.  Growth can be better accommodated with cubicles because their modular design allows organizations to reconfigure workspace design to reflect the dynamics of personnel changes.  Workstations can also be customized to reflect pay grades and job responsibilities.

Cubicles by Cubiture are anything BUT generic.  A huge diversity of materials and fabrics allows workstation design to establish the tone for interior design.   Panels with glass windows create a sense of openness while minimizing the disturbance of background noise.  You will find it much easier to make calls from cubicles that it is from open office desks.  While the open office has recently been touted as being ideal for collaborative space, workstations can be designed to support team initiatives and also maintain a certain sense of containment between different departments.

  • “Benching” is one example of workstation layout design that supports meetings, interaction, and teamwork.
  • Inside sales can be supported with call center cubicles.  More than simple telemarketing cubes, these compact work spaces are just the right size for housing workstations and phone system used by a variety of sales professionals.
  • Reception areas can be established with cubicles.  Partitions can be placed along the work surface that create an appropriate degree of privacy for confidential materials without shutting out visitors to the office. 

The question often arises as to whether companies should invest in new, used, or refurbished cubicles.  The requirements of organizations themselves typically provide their own answers.  Certain industries, when re-branding or opening an entirely new office, often choose the higher price point of new cubicles simply on the basis of aesthetics.  New companies, on the other hand, often opt for used as-is workstations that they can replace as they grow, add personnel, and expand their operations.

The rest of our customers typically fall into the mid-range between these two extremes.  More often than not, they opt for refurbished cubicles that offer 20%-40% savings on the cost of new.  Refurbished workstations feature al new work surfaces and fabrics, so their appearance looks brand new to the casual eye.  Organizations typically choose the refurbished path when they are making personnel changes in existing space, moving to an entirely new location, or remodeling one of the floors in their building.