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What sets Cubiture apart is not the cost-free nature of complimentary site planning, but rather the amount of time and the level of attention that we devote to customizing your office furniture design and office cubicle systems.

Considered from this vantage point, the term “complimentary” expands beyond its basic function as a synonym for free. From a designer’s perspective, it refers to an office furniture design that truly compliments workflow requirements and personal employee needs at every stage of business process.

Regardless of how large or small a particular space is, we always think first about flow and noise. Optimal flow allows employees to access office furniture without discomfort or hapless collisions. Noise is kept to a minimal by conscious arrangement of office furniture pieces and special techniques that mask sound within cubicles and meeting areas.

Cubiture’s office furniture design team develops cubicle layouts that maximize employee privacy in shared areas. This minimizes distractions from traffic and generates a much more focused work environment. Transit areas and shared spaces are developed with ADA compliance in mind. Team equipment and IT needs are also considered when arranging office furniture systems, building cubicle systems, and creating collaborative seating and table spaces.

Finally, perhaps our greatest advantage in office furniture design and office cubicle work space designs is the importance that we assign to comfort. While comfort is a given in the home furniture industry, you would be surprised at how little it is emphasized by many office furniture products companies. Some vendors assume comfort on the part of the buyer (we do not), and focus more on style, material, and color options.

While these things are assuredly quality assurance benchmarks there simply is no substitute for genuine comfort. As important as every element is in a well-designed office furniture system, ultimately no piece of office furniture will satisfy an organization for very long unless its employees find it to be comfortable.

That’s why Cubiture makes it a policy to balance aesthetics, functionality, and basic ergonomics in every office furniture design.

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