We Travel

For clients in the Houston area, Cubiture will provide onsite measurements and custom design services at no cost whatsoever.  For office furniture clients beyond the Houston area who have made a decision to move forward with Cubiture, design professionals will also travel onsite to design their office cubicle and office furniture layouts.  These visits are sometimes necessary in order to accommodate organizations who are facing challenging space limitations.  Visits also become necessary for many office furniture clients who are considering moving into a new facility because they begin to outgrow their existing space.

Cubiture office furniture designers will determine a strategy for reconfiguration that involves utilizing existing furniture pieces in new office furniture layouts.  This often frees up significant square footage by making better use of the facility’s vertical cube, wall areas, and corner areas.  New office cubicles, private work spaces, filing systems, and collaborative seating and conference areas can then be developed within these newly freed up spaces.

The cost-savings benefits of selectively upgrading office cubicle systems and individual work spaces areas many times outweigh the perceived advantages of moving into a new facility.   Companies discover they can do more with what they have without having to absorb the multiple costs associated with relocation.

Of course, there are times when relocation is unavoidable, and costs are high no matter what an organization does.  Cubiture office furniture experts can help bring down some of these costs.  We will travel to both your existing location and to your new location.  Once onsite, we will determine how best to utilize your new space with the office furniture you already have and how best to enhance it with office furniture and office cubicle environments that you are going to need.

Travel onsite to office furniture customers in Houston is done without any additional expense to clients.  Travel for a reasonable fee can also be arranged for clients or soon-to-be clients in other cities.


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