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October 18, 2016

Whether you have used modular office systems before or not, you need to know the specifics for your own office. Even if your office has been equipped with modular office systems – cubicles – in the past, specifics change often. You need to update yourself about any new developments or adjustments to today's modular office systems so you make the best choice for the needs of your company and employees.

Design of your Modular Office Systems

Manufacturers of modular office systems keep up with the changes recommended by federal health and safety agencies. The professionals staffing these agencies know that having the correct specifications for employee health, safety and comfort is vital. Therefore, they recommend:

º Optimal cubicle height based on employee's size and their desk and chair.

º Look for recommended leg room specifications. These touch on the Americans with Disabilities Act. Familiarize yourself with these numbers.

º Desktop space. Every employee needs to have room for their computer, phone, books, and paperwork.

How Many You Need

Take an accurate head count, to include employees who work individually and in groups. If you have a call center department, remember to count each of these employees. Next, factor in the individual footprint of the different modular office stations your workers will use. For management, this number is about 64 square feet; call center workers' cubicles average 25 square feet.

Know Your Space Limits

This includes your overall office, from the reception area all the way over to management's modular office stations. You should get a professional certified space planning consultant to help create your visual planning aid, because you need to factor in much more than space. You need to consider natural and artificial light.

Job Function – Understand It

You have a finite number of square feet in which to fit your employees and their cubicles. You may be trying to keep this number reasonably low, because your rent is based on square footage. How many departments does your company have? How many employees? What are their job functions? Every question needs a well-thought-out answer because each response affects how much space each department and employee needs.

Ensure Your Office is Sufficiently Wired

Thinking you can snake phone lines and power cords to all of the outlets in your office won't work. You need to have every data and power connection professionally installed, because each one will feed into your panel systems, then into each cubicle. Hire a certified electrician to complete this for you.

What is Your Office Culture?

This question points to whether your staffers work together collaboratively or whether they are required to work independently on their own projects and assignments. Some employees need to work in groups; others needing to work individually need more quiet – for them, you'll need to create quiet zones.

Fine-Tune Each Modular Office

Rather than ordering cubicles that are all exactly the same, you'll need to customize each cubicle space to its worker. Comfort, productivity, and storage all affect your decisions here. Now that standing desks are becoming so popular, you may be able to order modular office systems that allow workers to change positions as needed.

Choose Your Fabrics and Finishes

Your brand is important in these decisions. As you are searching for the new cubicle systems you'll be buying, choose the finishing pieces, such as panel trims, work surfaces, and even the panels so they complement your company's brand. Browse our workstations and then contact us.

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