When Can Folding Room Partitions Help Event Planners Coordinate Events?

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February 11, 2019

Event planners can easily choose the best folding room partitions by asking themselves a few simple questions. What is the type of even being planned? What activities will visitors participate in when they attend the event? Who are the attendees, and what are they hoping to gain from the event? Answers to these questions help the event coordinator transform space from an abstract phenomenon into a tangible human experience. Despite the breadth of features, Cubiture can lead you to the perfect folding room partitions for your event

Events come in all shapes and sizes, large and small, and coordinators and planners might have the need for folding room partitions to shape and control unique spaces. They can occupy a small piece of land in a park in the form of a craft fair, or they can gather people en masse, in the case of a convention center, to sell wares at a product showroom or trade expo. Perhaps a college or university is hosting a job fair in their entrance hall, open to students and strangers alike. Colleges can also transform their bland lecture spaces into ones that give students a space to showcase their ideas in the form of presentations. No matter what the case, folding room partitions allow event planners to create spaces dedicated to specific uses and needs. Along with this, folding room partitions can offer flexibility in the creation of seating areas, entertainment areas, and private consultations. They can also offer a solution to control and direct in a large number of people attending an event.

Folding room partitions often address the concept of privacy versus openness, depending on the activity being held within the partitioned spaces. With the surrounding hustle and bustle, those at job fairs, trade expos, and other conventions often need their own personal space to sell their goods or trade ideas.

Cubiture has many models of room partitions to choose from, and our folding room partitions are some of our most popular versions. Our 360-degree hinged folding room divider is a highly versatile product that is responsive to a number of spatial needs. One of its most unique features is its patented 360-degree hinges, called so for their ability to give their panels a full range of motion. This allows each unit to be configured into a number of shapes, including an angled “L” or “C,” a straight line, or a graceful curve, depending on its use. This particular folding room partition, as many of our others, has the ability to offer excellent noise control. The acoustical fabric panels are 2” thick and are constructed of fiberglass cores, making this divider a great way to absorb and block incoming noise for when users are trying to communicate effectively with one another. We also have this model of folding room partition available in nine possible colors of polycarbonate plastic, a durable material that’s easy-to-clean and attractive to view. With various possible opacity levels to choose from, you can obscure vision while allowing light to pass through. Either material is showcased with an aluminum frame that is sturdy yet lightweight, making this an easy-to-operate product that glides effortlessly and silently across the floor on non-marking casters.

With organizing large events, you have to plan for the numerous amounts of people attending, whether being featured in the event or attending as visitors. The number of folding room partitions needed for your event may be overwhelming in cost, but fortunately, Cubiture has some cost-effective solutions so that you don’t have to break your budget when choosing your partitions. One of our more budget-conscious products can be considered a canvas version of the 360-degree model mentioned above, in that it shares many of the same features only with less acoustical control and therefore a bit less privacy from incoming environmental noise. Made of 100% cotton canvas and available in four different colors, this canvas folding room partition can effectively and creatively divide your event space with its 360-degree hinges. Its aluminum frame and lockable casters make it easy to lock this partition in place or otherwise wheel it effortlessly into and out of storage.

Please don’t hesitate to call us at Cubiture so that we can help you plan for your next event. With folding room partitions, you’re bound to find the right solution for dividing your event space as needed. Call us to discuss the above models and more in a free consultation and with any purchase, you can expect free shipping. Give Cubiture a call today!

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