Office Chair Base Repair

Office Chair Base Repair Service In Houston, Texas
July 11, 2017
Office Chair Base Repair Service In Houston, Texas

Office Chair Base Repair – Call 713-412-0900 For FREE Quote.

Cubiture can handle any type of office chair base repair.

You may have a basic chair that sits on a fixed mobile base. Repairing such a chair is easy for our technicians, who can often perform repairs in your office if they know what parts to bring with them. If your chair features an adjustable base, then it uses a gas or hydraulic cylinder to move the seat up and down in relative position to the floor. We strongly recommend that you consult with a professional when repairing this type of chair because it is neither as easy—nor is it as safe—as the do-it-yourself videos suggest.

Fixed height bases can be repaired quickly with simple tools and components.

The most common problem with fixed height chair bases occurs when the central hub begins to impact the floor. Not only can you feel the hub hitting the floor when you sit down, you can also hear it scraping the tile. This will damage your office floor if it continues, and the hub will continue to wear and become useless.

If you can tell us the manufacturer make and model of your chair, we can bring the parts with us and handle the office chair base repair in your office. We just need to remove the old hub and install a wholesale replacement. Our technicians will confirm the base is now clear of the floor before leaving your facility.

Never attempt office chair base repair yourself if the base has a gas cylinder.

While there are many videos and websites that tell you how “easy” this is, it is not as easy as they make it appear, nor is it completely safe.

To begin with, what you think is the cylinder is really the cylinder column. The cylinder itself is contained inside this column. Most columns and cylinders are held in position by clips which can fly off and hit you in the eye when you try to remove them.

Leave cylinder column removal to trained professionals who have the proper tools and safety equipment.

Any repairs that might be unsafe to conduct in your office will be done in our factory. We have our own trucks, so we can pick up your damaged chairs, repair them, and bring them back tested and ready to use.

You might get lucky with free replacement parts.

Your chair may come with a lifetime warranty that covers free parts or free chair replacement. While you may not have kept your specification sheets, we can call the manufacturer and find out what, if anything, may still be covered. If we can obtained free replacement parts, we can simply charge you for the labor associated with office chair base repair.

While we cannot guarantee this until we know more about your chair, it's better than attempting a D-I-Y job with improper tools and costly retail replacement parts. Call Cubiture now instead.

Office Chair Base Repair – Call 713-412-0900 For FREE Quote.

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