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Best Custom Workstations For Sale In Galveston, San Antonio, Austin Dallas, Corpus Christi & San Marcus Texas
October 3, 2017
Best Custom Workstations For Sale In Galveston, San Antonio, Austin Dallas, Corpus Christi & San Marcus Texas

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The first thing to understand about Cubiture is that our custom workstations cost less than leading manufacturer equivalents. 

While this may seem incredulous at face value, it is a solid fact made possible by the logistics of our business model.

Cubiture is more than an office furniture and cubicle reseller.  We own our own factory–complete with its own warehousing, repair, and refurbishing shops.  Our access to materials is unmatched in the area so we can build any style of desk, cubicle system, or table right here in Houston and deliver it straight to your office.

Custom workstations are the best solution for an office that is becoming crowded.  Instead of moving to a new location just to have more room, many Houston companies have found that it served their bottom line better to have a Cubiture space planner reconfigure their existing space and add custom workstations in key locations that maximized their square footage utilization.

The following list represents just of the few of the industries that have benefited from our workflow solutions over the past five years.

Tutoring Centers
Tutoring centers teach children in groups.  At the same time, each parent expects his or her child to receive a certain amount of individualized instruction.  This is easy for trained teachers to accomplish with only a dozen or so students.  However, when enrollment doubles, even a veteran teacher can be challenged.

Cubiture has helped a number of tutoring centers avert the cost of relocation and staffing by adding custom, desk-mounted panels to worktables.  This has the psychological effect of focusing student minds on personal assignments, but it keeps the entire group visible to the teacher and accessible for personalized instruction.

Oil and Gas Support Companies
Many of these companies were forced to lay off more than 50% of their labor force due to the market downturn in 2015.  Many moved into smaller offices to reduce overhead expenses.  Now, many of these companies are hiring again and facing an impending space shortage as a result.

Cubiture can create new space within existing square footage at reduced manufacturing prices.  With buyback and liquidation programs, we can offset the purchase cost of custom workstations and implement a turnkey transformation of an office suite that maximizes square footage utilization.

Accounting Firms and Law Firms
Smaller accounting firms, as well as many law firms, sometimes find themselves expanding in rapid spurts of growth.  This can often occur after landing a huge contract with a Fortune 100 client.  When this occurs, new hires are necessary, who in turn will require new desks and seating areas.  In a small office space where the firm has heretofore grown slowly and steadily, partners and senior staff are faced with the dilemma of either expanding into an adjacent suite or doubling up in shared, private office space.

Cubiture has alleviated these stress points by combining clusters of custom workstations designed for individual junior staff members.  We have also successfully subdivided private offices into dual private spaces with a combination of office panels and wrap around desks that transform wall space into customized task completion and storage systems.

Healthcare Facilities
Houston health care providers value Cubiture most for our custom workstations for reception areas and our expertise in high-density filing and storage.  When manufacturing a reception center, we keep HIPPA compliance foremost in mind to prevent any unauthorized viewing of patient information that might be displayed on a receptionist's monitor.

We utilize our experience in custom storage solutions, superior security for stored items, and years of experience in high-density filing to maximize floor space utilization for efficient storage of hardcopy patient information in full compliance with all governing regulations.

Call Centers
Cubiture can affordably meet the needs of new and expanding call centers by building cubicle systems from 100% refurbished components.  These custom workstations are designed with call handling and call documentation foremost in mind.  They are fully powered and wired for data and voice, and they are warranted for a period of 1 year for parts and labor.  Additional warranty options can be negotiated with Cubiture.

Managed IT Service Providers
IT support companies typically run out of space when they start adding inside sales representatives to their team.  This quickly consumes existing work areas previously used by outside sales staff.  Before you know it, the room is wall to wall with people, and focused conversations become very difficult with coworkers constantly talking in the background.  This makes it difficult to set sales appointments and even more difficult to handle helpdesk calls from existing customers.

Cubiture has helped several local MSPs make better use of their space by refurbishing existing cubicles into custom workstations that provide just the right amount of work area for each marketing or sales agent.  We have also solved the problem of background noise with sound masking systems or soundproof cubicle panels that make possible more clear, and much more focused, phone conversations.

While almost every major office furniture manufacturer will customize a workstation upon request, the cost of this work typically inflates costs far above standard MSRP.  Keep in mind that this inflation is not only due to labor.  It also involves transportation, storage, and warehousing costs associated with any given manufacturer's supply chain.

Cubiture has eliminated these “middleman cost” by assuming the role of a custom workstation manufacturer that works directly with customers and includes free delivery and installation in each and every final quote.

Before you go buying from a catalog or ordering cubicles from some discount online furniture store, call Cubiture.  With professional space planning, we can double or even triple the amount of workspace in a particular office suite.  With free delivery and installation, this can generate up to 40% savings on total furniture acquisition costs. 

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