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New Filing Systems For Hospitals, Medical Offices And Clinics
October 4, 2017
New Filing Systems For Hospitals, Medical Offices And Clinics

Filing Systems For Hospitals, Medical Offices And Clinics – Free Quote 713-412-0900

Offices in medical facilities often become very crowded.  With the massive amount of documentation healthcare workers must store, the tendency is to simply buy another filing system every time the last one becomes full.  There are also compliance issues at play here, because medical records must be accessible only to authorized personnel and therefore typically require some type of restricted access.

The need to remain in compliance, and keep records organized, drastically decreases available space needed for production.  Such a work environment is stressful to medical staff and can lead to compliance violations if office workers begin to take shortcuts around HIPPA regulations in a last-ditch effort to save space.

If your office has become overcrowded due to inefficient filing and storage systems, you need to call Cubiture.  Prior to moving into the office furniture industry, our founder specialized in high-density founding systems.  He still incorporates these skills into office space plans even to this day–making sure that all customers make maximum use of storage space at minimal overhead costs.

The value of a filing system is determined by its overall impact on your bottom line.  This impact is determined by factoring the cost of each square foot of floor space with the number of filing inches that rest upon that square foot of space.  Companies that are still using vertical file cabinets are typically getting only about 100 filing inches total from the entire cabinet.  If a cabinet consumes 2-4 square feet of space, then the cost that company pays for document control can be as high as 7 dollars an inch.

While you do not see many of these traditional file cabinets used in modern medical offices, you do see a large number of lateral filing systems.  These systems consolidate hundreds of filing inches in only a few feet of floor space.   Caregivers must be careful, however, to make sure that these lateral systems do not permit free and open access to unauthorized personnel.  While the cost of filing and space utilization may improve with a generic lateral file system, a single fine for a HIPPA violation starts at around $30,000 dollars.

Cubiture will be happy to replace any lateral filing system whose compliance functionality is in question.  We can either order or custom build a high-density filing system made specifically for the healthcare industry.  These systems utilize vertical shelving to store massive volumes of hardcopy data.  The shelves move on rails and can be closed and locked to prevent unauthorized access.  Such a system can bring filing costs down to as little as 1 dollar per inch and free up an entire section of the room for task completion and workflow requirements.

If your medical office is running out of space because of inefficient filing and storage, call us today for a free filing cost assessment and a complimentary drawing of a more efficient, cost effective, and HIPPA compliant replacement.

Filing Systems For Hospitals, Medical Offices And Clinics
Free Quote 713-412-0900

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