Healthcare Administrators can Store more in Less Space with Cubiture Storage Cabinets AU-1961

Medical Storage Cabinets For Sale Cheap At Discount Prices
October 5, 2017
Medical Storage Cabinets For Sale Cheap At Discount Prices

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Cubiture storage cabinets help you stay organized at all times.  Compact and accessible, our cabinets occupy minimal floor space. Interior shelves replace lateral storage with a vertical design.  Many units contain rotating centers with storage compartments on both sides of the axis.  Several models we carry feature compartments of varied dimensions.  This allows you to store different types of items in the same cabinet without them becoming mixed together.

We have found that the smaller the office space, the more valuable a well-designed storage cabinet becomes.  Perhaps nowhere does this prove truer than in Houston's thriving healthcare industry. Many people do not realize that Houston's healthcare network extends far beyond its world-famous Medical Center.  Stretching in every direction, there are thousands of small family practices, dentist offices, pediatric caregivers, and neighborhood clinics.  In these smaller facilities, administrative office space is already in short supply.  Add one or two lateral file cabinets, and some have barely room for staff to walk.

One of the fastest ways to free up space in such an office is to replace any lateral file system that is being used as a storage cabinet with a compact rotary storage cabinet.  You can easily put 2 or even 3 of these cabinets in the space occupied by a single lateral filing system.  While people like the convenience of lateral file systems because they allow you to access files while seated, cabinets with interior shelves will allow you to store these folders vertically.  Units with doors allow you to lock up the cabinet after usage.  This is particularly useful in medical environments where patient information has to be secured so that only authorized caregivers can access it.

We make it a point to create better work environments for healthcare staff.  Making the administrative offices in a care facility every bit as comfortable as the waiting area is a top priority for us.  After all, these are the people who take care of all of us.  Shouldn't we work hard to take care of them? We do.

Medical Storage Cabinets For Sale
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