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Custom Office Desk For Sale Houston, Galveston, Pasadena, San Antonio, Corpus Christi & Austin, Texas
October 2, 2017

Custom Office Desk For Sale Houston, Galveston, Pasadena, San Antonio, Corpus Christi & Austin, Texas

We receive many calls from Houston professionals who prefer to decorate their offices with a definitively classic look.  These persons associate traditional office desks, chairs, and conference tables with stability, conservatism, and a sense of history.  In many industries, such connotations are important to brand positioning.  Banks, financial planning firms, accounting, law firms, and higher educational offices all benefit from the formal look and feel that is created by a traditional office design.

Traditional office desks create a sense of stability.
An office desk with a classic look always reminds us of “the good old days” when things were better and more predictable.  In reality, this nostalgic sense of stability comes from our own perceptions.  We all know how a particular period of history turned out, so in retrospect, any past period feels naturally more predictable and safe to us.

If you are working with other people's money, this sense of predictability and safety will work to your advantage.  That new, innovative feeling that anything is possible is not what an investor wants to experience when moving large sums of cash into a new venture.  Instead, he or she wants to feel that the venture is safe, solid, and offers the assurance of a reasonable return.

Cubiture has worked with many banks, accounting firms, and investment advisors to generate an office environment that engenders trust, respect, and a feeling of safety for the customer.

Traditional desks feature remarkable symmetry reminiscent of Old World designs.
Many of the design features of traditional office desks were developed in the 18th and 19th centuries.  During this time, there was a conscious effort to replicate the classical proportions of the Ancient Romans and Greeks.  Architecture, painting, and other disciplines followed very strict principles of proportion to achieve this effect.  Angles and curves were mathematically calculated to create a feeling of balance in the viewer's mind.  Innovation was confined to decorative elements, and even these were often motifs found in classical sources.

To some extent, traditional office desks are still built with similar principles in mind.  Clean lines, strong angles, and a complexity of geometry all lend to a sense of the established and timeless. This is why such desks are still widely used by staff in museums, libraries, schools, and universities.

Traditional office desks feature darker colors and sophisticated millwork.
We see a large number of traditional desks still being built from cherry and mahogany.  The darker colors of these woods tends to ground human emotion.  People tend to talk more quietly in such a setting and are more apt to listen.  Any executive seated behind such a desk appears naturally authoritative in his or her leadership role.

While these pieces are built to look definitively formal, they must also look attractive.  Too much “gravitas,” so to speak, can weigh heavy on the mind.  The goal is to quiet the mind with something pleasant and appealing–not to completely overwhelm it.  Custom millwork establishes this sense of appeal by varying the strict linearity of basic geometry.  It adds depth and variety to desk edges and panels, creating a sense of genuine beauty in the finished product.

Cubiture can order or manufacture a traditional desk for your office.
We work with hundreds of manufacturers, many of whom carry multiple lines of traditional office furniture.  As a manufacturer ourselves, however, we are in a unique position to custom manufacture office desks in traditional and transitional designs.  With our own factory, and with free delivery to Houston businesses, we can easily create a truly individualized piece at a price that is actually lower than name brand equivalents.  Gives us a call today, and tell us how you want your office to look and feel.  We can either find the desk or build you the desk to make your personal vision a reality.

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