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Medical Ergonomic Flex Back Seating For Sale Factory Direct
February 27, 2018
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In demanding environments and trying times, flex back seating reduces stress by giving patients an extra dimension of relaxation.  Tension controls in the backrest allow persons sitting in these chairs to rock back and forth.

Cubiture has several different styles that you can select for your healthcare waiting area.  Designs are practical, and color patterns are lively, so you can place these chairs in any environment where people wait to hear about the condition their loved ones.  Common areas include, but are not limited to, maternity wards, emergency waiting rooms, patient rooms, lounges, and lobbies.

  • Since hygiene is a top priority in healthcare waiting areas, flex back chairs must be easy for maintenance staff to clean. Many of our lines feature high-density Ultracell bio-foam cushions that provide optimal comfort during long wait times.  Others encase cushions and backrests in a nylon zippered opening.
  • Chairs are built to last, featuring an environmentally friendly, powder-coated steel frame.
  • Armrests are made from urethane, so they are comfortable and easy to grip.
  • Some healthcare waiting room chairs feature mobility casters so they can be moved around the room.  These are particularly useful in emergency rooms, dining areas, and patient rooms.
  • Frames feature reinforced steel construction that incorporates welded crossbars that connect arm uprights and legs in select models. Frame colors include black, tungsten, platinum, and toast.
  • Standard models feature height adjusting legs.
  • Flex back seating can be repositioned with top and move rear casters.
  • Cubiture delivers flex back chairs with metal mesh seat decks for healthcare seating areas in patient rooms and dining areas.
  • Flex back chairs feature contoured backrests for superior lumbar support and maximum comfort.
  • Standard capacities are 350-500 lbs, and bariatric flex back chairs are rated for 750 lbs.
  • Cubiture provides complimentary tables with certain models.
  • Over 40 models feature waterfall cleanout between back cushions and seats.
  • Metal connectors secure armcaps to many lines so that furniture repair crews can replace them onsite.
  • Wood frame flex-back chairs with wooden armcaps are also available. These are ideal for rural doctor's offices that want to decorate their healthcare waiting area with a traditional design.
  • Seats have seamless fronts to prevent moisture penetration.
  • Cubiture also has flex back seating for up to five users at a time. These configurations can be ordered with or without individual armrests.

As we can see, flex back seating accommodates users of all types in a variety of healthcare waiting room environments.  Coordinating benches and ottomans can be ordered with certain lines, and select models come with complimentary tables.  Cubiture offers free delivery to any medical care facility in the Continental United States.  Call now to place your order today.

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