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Cubicle Relocation And Reconfiguration For Sale In Houston, Pasadena, Bryan, Conroe Texas
November 15, 2017

If you want a simple, predictable, and hassle-free office move, call Jerry Mogyorody for cubicle relocation and reconfiguration. 

Jerry's customer-centric approach to workstation design has earned him a reputation for integrity, expertise, and innovative solutions.  Jerry believes that customers should earn an ROI on their move.  After all, an office move means a new beginning, and a new beginning should be better than the past.  Drawing from decades of experience in space planning, Jerry develops ergonomic workflow solutions designed to keep employees comfortably seated, focused, and productive in their new space.

This process requires very little time or effort on the part of the customer.

A quick walkthrough of your existing office is all he needs to develop a preliminary plan for cubicle relocation and reconfiguration.  Jerry knows what to look for when he itemizes furniture systems and can conduct his initial estimate while employees continue to work on their tasks.  Jerry will need to ask you a few questions about your business model so he can reconfigure your workstations for optimal performance in the new location.  However, these questions can be answered in an email or a few short phone calls if you are too busy to have an in-depth formal meeting.

After a walkthrough of your office and an analysis of your new floor plan, Jerry's design team will finalize an office layout drawing of your new space

This drawing is produced free of all charges as part of your office move estimate.  It shows the new locations for all of your office workstations.  It can also show additional Cubiture options, such as office partitions, which can subdivide your new space with no need for drywall build out.  Advanced planning of this magnitude saves time on cubicle relocation and reconfiguration, which in turn reduces your overall cost.

Jerry will also contact both your existing building manager and your new building manager prior to your office move

He will discover the policies of both buildings pertaining to office relocation and schedule your cubicle relocation and reconfiguration on a day and time that works for both. You can request an hourly estimate or a flat rate-whichever works best for your bookkeeping.  Cubiture's moving crew will handle all the crating, delivery, and setup of your workstations.  We have our own fleet of trucks and will provide a turnkey solution that gets you up and running in no time at all.

Call Jerry now if you are considering an office move

With just basic information, and a lot of advance planning, Jerry can make cubicle relocation and reconfiguration seamless, affordable, and ultimately profitable for your organization.

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