Three Reasons Why Cubiture is the Best Small Moving Company

January 21, 2021

Not every moving company caters to small businesses. Many only move big companies because of the high costs of their own operations.  As much as they may want to help the little guy, they cannot do so without taking a loss.  

Other small moving companies cater only to budget by outsourcing logistics and transportation.  These entities are essentially workers who rent third party moving trucks and add the rental costs to their labor charge.  

Neither extreme is good for the small business, which is going to be strained by the cost of a larger moving company or face serious complications with a well-intentioned—yet insufficiently equipped—small moving company.  

Cubiture offers the best of both worlds to small businesses on the move.  We own our own trucks, handle furniture with exceptional expertise, and set up new offices for maximum workflow efficiency.  

The importance of owning our own fleet of trucks cannot be overstated.  

Any small moving company that must rent a truck from a third party is passing hidden costs on to its customers.  No matter how good of a deal it seems to be, it would be better if those trucks were owned by the moving company itself.  Movers who outsource their vehicles have no control over the condition of these vehicles and may inadvertently subject their customers to delays resulting from mechanical breakdown.

Cubiture customers never have this problem.  We take meticulous care of our trucks, and we replace them with newer models before ongoing maintenance issues arise.  We keep our fueled tanks fueled and ready for action, and we hire only the best drivers with clean driving records and proven field experience.  

When you read our case studies that complement our punctuality, you quickly realize that the way we treat our moving trucks plays a major role in our always being on time—or early.  

As a furniture company, we are experts in handling office furniture.

Small businesses often assume that moving companies know how to handle office furniture.  While it is likely that any competent mover knows how to maneuver furniture without damaging it, very few of them know how to properly disassemble and reassemble workstations.  

Cubiture’s movers are office furniture experts.  Many of them work in our factory building and repairing cubicle systems, desks, and office chairs.  They know how to quickly break down a workstation without damaging its components, secure those components in the truck, and reassemble them without incident at the new location.  Small businesses who move our service can walk into their new location on a Monday morning and find all their workstations neatly configured, spotlessly clean, and ready for action.  

These new workflow solutions are configured for space utilization efficiency. 

Not ever small office move involves relocating to a larger corporate suite.  Many companies have to move simply because their lease expires, and they need a new location.  This makes growth something of a challenge because the business is already operating in a limited space.  

Cubiture can overcome this challenge with professional space planning.  Our experts have time proven experience in floor space utilization. They know how to configure workstations so that there is no wasted space in the office and plenty of room available for future growth.     

Small businesses face a very challenging environment at this present time.  The continued impact of COVID and the political unrest in our country present today’s entrepreneur with some very big hurdles to clear.  It is impressive that so many of them rise to the challenge, undaunted by hardship because they are determined to succeed in a world where failure is not an option.  

Cubiture shares this spirit and reaches out to support small companies with office moves that set the stage for greater things to come.  Contact us today.

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