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December 12, 2017
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Jerry has always been savvy about new developments in the marketplace. 

Nine times out of ten, he is ahead of the curve in any new trend in modern office space planning.  One example of this has been Jerry's custom adaptation of the open office concept.  Jerry spotted some flaws in the purely open office which industry experts are only now beginning to notice.

For several years now, he has been creating office layout designs that feature a blend of collaborative and private environments.  Having successfully run several companies over the course of his career, Jerry knows the practicalities required to make a business work.  His layouts incorporate these essentials to maximize his customers‘ opportunities for generating profits from their investment in furniture systems and cubicles.

Perhaps the greatest advantage Jerry's modern space planning offers is a drastic reduction in distractions.

Distracting sounds are the number one complaint that workers in purely open environments express.  Background noises tend to foster feelings of helplessness in workers who constantly struggle to stay focused on important tasks.  Completely open environments also leave individuals vulnerable to chatty coworkers who want to engage others in off-topic conversations that help them pass the time.

Cubiture's huge selection of office partition and cubicle panels brings an immediate end to both of these concerns. 

Many of these dividers are made from sound dampening materials.  Others feature glass inserts that allow plenty of visibility and enhanced natural lighting while still maintaining clear personal boundaries between workers.  Customizing workstation dimensions and configuring employees in workflow clusters retains enough of the collaborative feeling of the open concept without leaving the individual completely exposed to unproductive influences in the environment.

Jerry also works to save his customers money by incorporating as much natural light into his modern office space planning. 

Natural light makes a workstation feel larger than it really is.  We do not even need a scientific study to validate the fact that people flourish in natural lighting when it is properly diffused throughout the room.  Features such as frosted panel inserts or opaque glass prevent bright sunlight from casting glare on work surfaces.  They let in only enough natural light to generate an upbeat emotional tone conducive to worker productivity.

Jerry also thinks outside of the drywall box when drafting a layout for a new office suite.

Cubiture manufacturers a diversity of office panels that function as interior walls.  These panels eliminate the need for drywall construction and enable companies to more easily reconfigure their office layout when their business suddenly begins to grow.

One major advantage these panels offer is their adaptability to highly technical environments.  As technology permeates the office now more than ever, powered office and cubicle panels allow Jerry to build furniture systems tailored to support the information infrastructure of his customers.

Jerry's modern space planning works in both reconfigurations and office moves.

Cubiture moves a lot of companies.  We have our own fleet of trucks, so we can save businesses a great deal of money when they relocate.  However, many companies can avoid the cost of relocation altogether simply by reconfiguring their space and liquidating cumbersome furniture pieces that no longer support their current workflow demands.

Jerry can save money on both fronts with innovative designs that he can build in his own factory and deliver directly to your office with no shipping costs and no complications.  Call today for a free office layout design and furniture systems quote.

Office Space Planning – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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