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Discount Small Home Office Cubicles For Sale
December 5, 2017
FREE Shipping On Small Office Cubicle Sales, Design, Installation & Repair Services Available

Small Office Cubicles For Sale – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

Jerry always has small cubicles for sale.
As a space planning expert, Jerry knows better than anyone how important it is to conserve the footprint of office furniture.  As Houston business continue to rebound, companies are adding cubicles to support new hires that join their ranks.  Even in larger offices, the need to plan and allocate space efficiently becomes increasingly important.  Jerry's unique business model makes Cubiture the ideal source for this efficiency.  Space planning is always free with Cubiture, and Jerry's factory sells direct to businesses and eliminates third-party shipping costs and middleman warehousing fees.

No matter what your budget is, Jerry has small cubicles for sale that support the most vital positions in your company.    

Customer Service
Customer service cubicles can be as small as 2 feet wide by 5 feet long.  Most customer service jobs are completely paperless at this time.  CSR's need only enough desk space to support a monitor, a keyboard, and a telephone.  While admittedly compact, these workstations can still be remarkably comfortable if equipped with low-cost, 8-hour rated ergonomic chairs.  Glass inserts that flood the interior with light work enlarge the CSR's feeling of personal space and create a comfortable, focused work environment.

Outbound Marketing
While most outbound marketing is CRM driven, marketing professionals still have paperwork to manage.  Desks in these workstations must have enough surface area to allows marketing reps to organize scripts, reports, and hard copies of important emails.  In order to fit more surface area into a 4×4 or a 5×5 cubicle, Jerry will often design a desk in an “L-Shaped” or “U-Shaped.”  This can double or even triple an employee's work area without consuming excessive square footage.

Inside Sales
Many inside sales representatives now work with two monitors.  One actively engages the CRM, while the other is used to research information essential to negotiating sales transactions.  As a result, small cubicles for sales representatives are typically a little larger than their customer service and telemarketing counterparts.  A popular size for these workstations is 6×6, with an L-shaped desk configured for dual monitor display.

Jerry designs small cubicles for sales, marketing, and customer service reps in a variety of configurations and styles.
With hundreds of laminates, veneers, and panel accessory options, Jerry can compliment any interior design in your office.  Simply email your floor plan over to Cubiture, attention Jerry, or call him directly at 713-412-0900 to schedule a walk throug of your office.

Small Office Cubicles For Sale – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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