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February 12, 2018
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Cubiture's free space planning service helps you buy hospital furniture that meets all of the needs of your patients and visitors. Rather than buying individual items based on features alone, Cubiture encourages you to take a functional approach to whole room design. Consider what happens in each area of your hospital, and buy only those items that directly support those activities. Never buy something on features alone without thinking of the tangible, practical benefits that a particular furnishing offers to the individual. Get a clear picture of how each piece of hospital furniture works to enhance the patient experience, and find items in our selection that fit your budget without compromising human well being.

Patient Room Hospital Furniture
Start with your patient rooms by carefully planning out your storage and guest seating requirements. Some of the space in each patient room will need to be dedicated to organizing medical supplies. Cubiture has a diversity of storage cabinets where medical equipment, room supplies, and personal items can be neatly separated and quickly accessed. We also have wardrobes where various types of clothing can be folded and hung. Seating choices provide visitors with comfort and support without obstructing caregiver access to patients. Show your space planner your floor plan, and he or she will produce a visual guide that will focus your procurement with greater economy toward both space and budget.

Waiting Room Hospital Furniture
People of all ages and body types visit hospital waiting rooms. Waiting room hospital furniture should include bariatric seating for persons who struggle with their weight. Because some visitors come alone, while others bring the entire family waiting rooms should feature a blend of furniture types. Consider mixing sofas and lounges with chairs in order to accommodate small children, elderly persons, and couples who are waiting for extended periods of time. Ask your space planner, too, about different types of tables that you can buy so that visitors do not have to place bags, toys, or drinks on the floor. Cubiture has tables in all sizes and designs to fit the space requirements of any waiting room.

Dining Room Hospital Furniture
The more a dining room resembles a cafe or restaurant, the more comfortable guests and patients will feel while staying at the hospital. It is important that you think about how the dining room looks to your guests because they will judge the quality of the food you serve just like they do any restaurant. If you have ever walked into a cafe and turned right around because of the way the place looked, then you know what we are talking about. Think a beyond utility alone when you are working with your space planner, and design a cafeteria that appears warm, inviting, and attractive. We have many affordable dining room chairs and tables that can make your guests feel relaxed during those times where stress and illness make them wish they could be close to home. Remember to build your dining area with accessibility in mind so that persons in wheelchairs can enjoy your dining area without discomfort or embarrassment.

Administrative Hospital Furniture
Cubiture supplies administrators with desking systems that support communications, information technology, and patient file management. Hospital workers are fully supported by highly organized systems that allow them to complete tasks accurately and rapidly. Our expertise in high-density filing supports HIIPA compliance in all activities related to patient file management. Reception centers and nursing stations are fully powered so your IT staff can quickly install the latest desktops, laptops, tablets, and printers to support your data management workload. Ask your space planner about desk options for doctors and conference furniture for staff meetings. Cubiture has everything you need to support the practical demands of caregiver workloads.

Never spend money on space planning when Cubiture can provide it for free. Our designers are happy to take a simple, empty floor plan and transform it into a clear, visual representation of how your new facility will appear to patients and guests. We do this to make the hypothetical become actual before you invest your budget. With a clear picture of what you are purchasing, you will make the right selections for the best possible price and achieve lasting results for your facility.

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