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January 3, 2018
Wholesale Contemporary Home Office Furniture For Sale At Cheap Manufacturer Direct Prices

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Cubiture offers an impressive line of contemporary home office furniture.  Jerry knows business, and he knows what the entrepreneur needs to run a startup from a residence  His contemporary furniture systems feature rugged, sturdy frames that support a flexible exterior defined by a wide array of functional and aesthetic options.  These systems are easy to expand, reconfigure, and move if you decide to grow your business beyond the confines of your own home.  They are also easy to customize with a variety of basic components that allow you to build an office in a bedroom, a den, a guest house or even the corner of a luxury apartment like the one in the picture above.

Start by choosing a desking system that fits a larger work surface into a compact area.  This is easy to do with contemporary home office furniture.  Because the contemporary style is defined by clean lines, distinctive angles, and gentle curves, you can easily find desks like the one shown above that use varying dimensions to create a wider work surface on one or more ends.  Not only are these desks designed to look ultra-modern in their geometry, they are consciously crafted to enhance focus, efficiency, and production.  You can also have Jerry install any number of free-standing, height adjustable desks that allow you to both sit and stand at various points during the day.

Consolidated storage is another key feature of Cubiture's contemporary home office furniture.  Home businesses have even less physical space than office suites.  Utilizing desktops and corners, Jerry can configure hutches and storage cabinets to define the physical boundary between personal space and workspace.  Cabinets like the ones shown above demarcate the “entrance” to the office without blocking off the rest of the room.  Hutches that sit on top of desks provide plenty of storage space for supplies and equipment.  Fabrics can be combined to create a range of aesthetic impacts.  Hundreds of laminate options allow you to blend your workstation exterior with the decorative scheme of the surrounding room.

All of our contemporary home office furniture systems are built around steel frames that stabilize desking and storage systems.  The modular design allows for quick reconfiguration when you need to add accessories, additional seating, or extra storage.  Because many home businesses eventually grow to the point that they need commercial office space, Jerry makes it easy to break these systems down for relocation and installation in a new office.  Cubiture delivers all of your furniture free of charge and provides a variety of repair and maintenance plans to keep your workstation fully functional throughout the year.  Call today for a free walkthrough and courtesy home office space plan drawing.

Contemporary Home Office Furniture

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