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January 3, 2018
Discount Office Furniture For Sale Cheap Manufacturer Direct Wholesale Prices

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Houston is beginning to boom again and companies are beginning to expand.  Many of these companies, however, are being cautious about how they spend their money.  Commercial real estate costs have risen in much of the city, and payroll expenses come first for companies who are hiring en masse.  Cubiture's stock of discount office furniture offers workspace solutions these companies need at prices that fit their budgets.

Our discount office furniture selection includes several lines of ergonomic office chairs rated for 8-hour use.  Some of these chairs are brand new, featuring prices that are competitive with online sources and big-box stores.  You would be surprised to learn just how many of the more expensive chairs on the market are rated for only 5 hours and offer very little support for the upper back and neck.

Jerry makes it a point to provide customers with seating that is easy to adjust, supports both levels of the back, and offers better support for the forearms and wrists.  If you need better chairs at better prices, Cubiture is the place to buy them.

Desks are some of the most common items we have in our discount office furniture selection.  Choose from a number of desk shapes, including U-shaped desks and L-shaped desks that consolidate a large amount of work surface into a compact workstation area.  If you are looking for more traditional furniture, we have executive desks in all types of wood and a number of unique designs.  Some are built to wrap around corners so you can use 2-3 times as much space in your existing office.

Reception Centers
People use the term “receptionist desk” without realizing that these structures are far more than desks.  Our discount office furniture selection contains reception centers of all designs and sizes.  Some are built for the small office foyer, while others have been custom designed for use in banks, financial services companies, and healthcare facilities.

Filing and Storage Systems
We have high-density filing systems and storage systems in all sizes and shapes.  These systems will help you consolidate paperwork and supplies using more of the vertical cube and less physical floor space.  Be sure to get a free office layout drawing to determine which pieces you will need to get all of your stored items highly organized in the smallest possible space.

Cubiture maintains a continual stock of discount office furniture for local small businesses.  Jerry's furniture buyback and liquidation programs result in a steady supply of desks, chairs, and storage systems.  Some of this furniture is refurbished in our NW Houston factory, while other stock is sold as-is at amazingly low prices.

***Stock item quantities vary based on market fluctuation.  Call to check availability and schedule your appointment.***

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