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May 9, 2019

It doesn’t matter what furniture you’re looking to outfit your office space with—with Cubiture, your search for a quality office furniture manufacturer is over. For years, we have served businesses large and small, within and beyond the Houston city limits, and in all types of industries to bring you quality office furniture at a price that works well within your budget.

Behind the many hats that Cubiture wears is our President and CEO Jerry Mogyorody. Having decades of experience under his belt, Jerry’s no stranger to the many facets of the office furniture world.

For one, he’s gained considerable experience as a specialist in high-density filing systems, where he designed, built, and configured units for the purpose of making the most efficient and productive use of space for businesses across industries.

Along with being an office furniture manufacturer, Cubiture also acts as a distributor thanks to the expansive—over 500 manufacturers strong—that Jerry has developed. In this role, we are happy to bring you exactly what pieces of furniture you desire. Simply pick your favorites straight from a catalog so that we can order, ship, and even install for free. You aren’t likely to get this level of value from competitors.

However, it’s as an office furniture manufacturer that Cubiture can really work its magic, and that’s due in no small part to the vast supply chain that Jerry has built over the years. We also have our very own fully operational fabrication shop located in Northwest Houston, where we work to build new furniture based on your custom specifications, as well as refurbish used furniture to restore its beauty and functionality, and repair your existing furniture.

We are pleased to custom-build furniture to your exact specifications because we believe that you should be as content as possible when you spend the better part of your life working. As an office furniture manufacturer, any piece of furniture that you can imagine can be realized in our shop, even if you just bring us a picture of what you have in mind.

Cubiture offers you any kind of office furniture at a significantly lower price point that can be found among comparable versions available at retail price. It’s through the supply chain that our customers can appreciate significant savings through us as an office furniture manufacturer.

With the possibility of a number of competitively-priced furniture elements at your fingertips, we bring you thousands of choices in terms of material, size, pattern, color, and grade, as well as price point. This allows you to find the perfect balance of style preference, utility, quality, and cost-effectiveness.

There is an infinite variety of cubicles and desking systems that we can build according to your preferences. Many storage options are possible, depending on how your company does business and the amount of work that’s in a day’s work.

Anything from the traditional rectangular desk to more contemporary workstations that utilize multiple surfaces in “L” and “U” configurations, even to a welcoming reception desk, Cubiture is an office furniture manufacturer that can perfectly outfit your work environment.

Our tables run the gamut of size, shape, and function as well. Conference tables can add a much-needed central meeting space during work hours, and smaller tables tailored to a handful of people can act as a spot to have lunch or chat with a coworker during breaks.

You can expect just as much diversity from our filing and storage systems, which Jerry has much experience designing for various businesses wanting to make the most of their office space. Other case goods such as open shelving units, cupboards, and sets of drawers can be fashioned specifically based on your office needs.

We also cut out the middle man with the use of our very own fleet of trucks. As long as our customers are located within the contiguous United States, there’s nothing stopping us from delivering your office furniture far beyond the bounds of the Greater Houston area. With Cubiture as an office furniture manufacturer, this further brings down costs on your end as it relates to moving or storage of your office furniture.

Along with our transport services, we also can install your office furniture for free when we arrive at your office. In order to cause as little disruption as possible, we work closely with your building manager and your office to create a moving schedule that harmonizes your employees’ workflow. Naturally, before leaving the building our installers make sure not to leave any mess behind.

Beyond the normal scope of an office furniture manufacturer, Cubiture also offers office layout design services. Jerry has a considerable amount of experience in optimizing the workplace for businesses who are in need of making their workdays more productive, through proper circulation, the functionality of supporting workstations, and efficient sizing and positioning of all office furniture.

To bring harmony to your office’s surroundings, our well-trained design specialists can measure your office space and determine with accuracy the number, type, and form that your furniture will look like. We don’t build your furniture to spec until you approve of the office design.

Along with our role as an office furniture manufacturer, we can serve the needs of our customers as an office moving company. Just as with the transport services we offer to bring you your newly-built furniture, we can also offer you our moving services.

Thanks to that fact that we own our own fleet of trucks, we can bring down the costs needed to move your office from location to location. When it comes to charging you for the move, you get to decide whether an hourly charge works for you or simply a flat rate.

Give Cubiture a call today as you consider just what furniture you may want to include in your office environment. As an office furniture manufacturer as well as a distributor with extensive resources, we can satisfy virtually any preference you might have.

We deliver nationwide throughout the lower 48 states, and we offer free shipping while we do it. We can also get you a free quote and don’t forget our complimentary office layout design drawing for your office. Call Cubiture today!

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