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Office Furniture Repair Service
October 5, 2018
Office Furniture Repair Service

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When your personal office workstations are your home away from home, office furniture repair versus office furniture replacement becomes an eventual topic for consideration. Your office furniture experiences constant use and wear. Although built to last, quality office furniture isn’t impervious to damage over time. As with many other things in our life, we must decide whether our office furniture can be restored through simple repairs, or if it’s better and more cost-effective just to get a replacement.

When it comes to office furniture repair, case goods and office cubicles offer the greatest potential for reuse after any notable damage or dysfunction. With these items, virtually anything can be the focus of office furniture repair, and so it is often not necessary to invest in replacements.

Office furniture repair is the sensible option for damage to drawers and bins, because they operate with small, move able, detachable hardware. Drawer hardware consists simply of glides and locks, for example. If a drawer is not closing all the way, it probably only needs new glides and possibly a new lock. In a such a case, where office furniture repair is the better option. Not only is it less expensive, but it can also be done in your office without disrupting your workflow.

Significant scarring of surfaces, such as scratches and scrapes, can often be cost effectively repaired. We only need to sand out the scratches and refinish the surface. We can pick up the damaged item at your convenience and return it to you once office furniture repairs are complete.

An uneven work-space, such as in a cubicle where one part of the cubicle desk does not connect flush with the other, could be merely the result of a faulty foot on one of the legs of the frame. On the other hand, it may be the result of a warped frame. Our specialists would need to look at the workstation to determine if we need to repair the feet or replace the frame entirely.

Any one of these performance issues alone can usually be remedied with inexpensive office furniture repair. However, when there are multiple things wrong with your workstation, the cost of labor and the parts for repairs begin to add up. If repair costs exceed the costs of replacement, then it is best to look at replacing your damaged furniture systems with either refurbished or new case goods and cubicles.

Cubiture office repair experts will come out to your location to look at your damaged furniture and give a free analysis. You can also send Jerry detailed pictures of the damaged item. Sometimes a visit to the office is not necessary, and quotes can be handled via email. Please call Cubiture now if you have any damaged furniture that you would like repaired or replaced, and Jerry will help you make the best and most affordable decision possible.

Office Furniture Repair Store – FREE Quote 713-412-0900

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