Expert Office Chair Armrest Repair Service In Houston, Texas

Office Chair Armrest Repair Services
July 3, 2017

If your arms wobble when you rest them on your chair, or if the armrest scratches your skin when you lower your arms, don't throw your chair away just yet, Call Cubiture for a quote on office chair armrest repair.

Our Northwest Houston factory houses a turnkey refurbishing division manned by an experienced crew of office furniture technicians.

If we cannot repair a particular component in your chair, we can readily order a replacement part at wholesale prices far lower than those sold through online retail channels. Even with our labor rates, our costs are significantly less than what you pay as a do-it-yourself end user.

The key to keeping repair costs down lies in having access to a wide range of manufacturer materials.

The materials used to make armrests vary widely.

While a few are still made from wood, the most are now made from a combination of metal and plastic or metal and vinyl. The outer covering that touches your skin is typically made from plastic or vinyl, and this is the part that splits. There are many do-it-yourself sites and videos out there that recommend using glue for office chair armrest repair. We do not recommend this because glue leaves a visible residue that detracts from the entire decor of your office. Instead, we replace the outer covering with an affordably priced replacement.

Not every malfunction, however, is due to the armrest splitting.

Sometimes it is the chair arm itself that becomes defective. If your arms wobble to the side when you rest them on your chair, this could indicate lose connections between the armrest and the chair base. Sometimes replacing screws and bolts is all that is needed to stabilize an armrest. This is why a lot of our office chair armrest repair jobs end up being completed in customer offices. Not every work order requires taking chairs back to our factory. Many minor repairs can be done onsite without disruption to your workflow. Some chair models, in fact, are designed with field replaceable components that allow us to take care of everything in the same day, regardless of whether or not you originally purchased your chairs from Cubiture.

If you did not buy your chairs from Cubiture, try to take the time to write down the manufacturer's name and model of your chair.

We can research this model in our database and see what parts the manufacturer sells for office chair armrest repair. That way, by the time we get to your office, you know exactly what to expect for a no-surprise, affordable cost.

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